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Having faced plenty of their own challenges, the citizens of Hurst have always seemed to find a way to make things work for them. From the beginning of the 20th century when tough times fell on the small town, Hurst still found a way to come to a prominent standing that it is today.

Hurst citizens still go through the occasional tough times. Especially when something happens that is out of their control. Having someone else’s actions result in your own injuries, pain, and suffering is hard enough, but financial compensation can also be the biggest beast of the burden. That is why, when times get tough, Hurst citizens seek legal assistance to get back to their life’s norm.

There is no better personal injury lawyers in Dallas-Fort Worth than the lawyers and legal professionals of the Reyes Browne Reilley offices. We have built a reputation to help people through rough times and come out shining like a freshly cleaned diamond. When things are getting hard, bills are piling up, and wages have been missed, you need help and we have got your back.

You may be thinking about hiring another lawyer or even trying to work this case by yourself to save money. Doing this case with another firm or on your own may prove to be more costly than you think. People that have done this will get a smaller amount than they need, still having to pay for medical bills out of pocket. They also don’t get compensated for their lost wages. You need our lawyers to help you get everything that you rightfully deserve.

Saving a few bucks on not hiring a lawyer will prove to be a frivolous yet exhausting effort. Burying your head in legal papers as well as studying other cases just to try to get a fraction of what you truly are owed is not a good idea. We’ve been operating in the personal injury realm for nearly three decades. Over that span, we accumulated a track record with a 98% success rate. The best part about all of this, we are affordable for everyone.

You don’t pay us until after we win your case. There is no client of ours that has paid for a consultation fee or even an up-front legal fee. We handle everything from start to finish for you. On top of that, we also factor our expenses into the final case amount, so it is really the insurance that’s paying us, not you.

We want you to get your maximum compensation. That’s why we offer these policies to allow our clients to trust that they’re in the best hands possible. You have been injured as to someone’s wrongdoing, and we’re going to make sure they pay for you to get back to the person you were before.

Our attorneys are on standby 24/7 to take your call or messages. You can consult with us now to see if you have a case by calling our law firm at (214) 526-7900 or you can even have the convenience of sending us your case evaluation details by clicking here. Call us now to get back on the road to recovery.