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The city with some of the best festivals in North Texas would have to be Longview Texas. From the exciting music festivals to some of the most intriguing museums around, Longview has everything for those that want to indulge themselves in wonderful experiences where memories and stories are shared for years to come.

Some memories that people from Longview would like to forget is their run-in with an 18-wheeler driven by a negligent driver. These incidences usually come with quite a few extremely painful injuries that tend to last a long time, if not a lifetime. Large commercial vehicles have a harder time stopping and slowing down than other vehicles do. If a driver stops paying attention for even a second, it can mean significant consequences to someone on the receiving end of the runaway truck. These injuries invoke extraordinarily complex legal issues that require proper compensation from the liable party’s insurance company to pay for your injuries.

What to do if you are involved in a Truck accident in Longview

Our attorneys at the law firm of Angel Reyes and Associates are here to help you overcome any insurance company that is unfairly treating you. You deserve to be respected and professionally treated and we will make sure that happens. From the treatment your receive for your injuries at the medical providers we can assist you in setting up an appointment with, to the way the insurance company is handling your claim, they will all be held to a high standard when you are our client.

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With nearly three decades of service to the Longview community, Reyes Browne Reilley’s truck accident attorneys in Dallas have helped thousands of clients recover over a billion dollars cumulatively for their injuries brought onto them by negligent actions of careless individuals driving an 18-wheeler. You deserve to have the treatment which resembles royalty. Our legal staff will ensure you receive respectful treatment not only by our staff but the medical providers we help you find and the insurance company as well.

The insurance company never likes to play nice after an 18-wheeler accident. They know these incidences have the potential to bring about a huge loss in their profits. They will do anything to protect this from happening. You deserve rightful compensation and their greed is not a good enough reason to not pay you what you truly deserve for your current and future expenses due to the injuries you suffer from on behalf of their client’s negligence.

If we don’t win you don’t pay

If our capability and record of accomplishments is something that you are excited about, you need to hear about our contingency policies. From the very beginning, you will never pay us a single dime out of pocket. We have fees for what we do, but we only charge a small percentage of what we win for you. Even then, we ensure your settlement or jury verdict is large enough to cover our expenses, so you eventually never pay us out of pocket whatsoever. You need to begin now by calling one of our Longview truck accident attorneys at (214) 526-7900 for your complimentary and 100% confidential case evaluation.