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The Rio Grande Valley, located in southern Texas, has experienced a notable number of truck accidents. This can be attributed to the region’s active trade routes, busy roadways, and cross-border transportation, creating conditions that contribute to truck-related incidents. The area’s economic importance is accompanied by increased traffic, diverse road conditions, and the complexities of international trade, all of which factor into the occurrence of truck accidents.

When it comes to truck accidents in McAllen, Texas, hiring an experienced law firm is crucial. At Reyes Browne Law Firm, we specialize in handling a wide range of personal injury cases with a specific focus on car and truck accidents. With our team of skilled lawyers who are well-versed in the complexities of these types of cases, we offer the expertise needed to navigate through the legal process effectively.

Our firm understands the unique challenges that arise from 18-wheeler accidents, including determining liability and dealing with insurance companies. With years of experience representing clients in Allen and across Texas, we have successfully recovered substantial compensation for victims injured in truck accidents. Our dedication to providing top-notch legal services has earned us a reputation as trusted advocates for those seeking justice and fair compensation.

If you have been involved in a truck accident and need legal assistance, look no further than Reyes Browne Law Firm. Our experienced team is committed to fighting for your rights and helping you obtain the compensation you deserve. We’re here to talk you through some of the ways an attorney can help you after an 18-wheeler wreck.

How an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You


Truck accident lawyers have a profound understanding of the intricacies associated with these types of cases. They are well-versed in the regulations specific to the trucking industry, including hours of service limitations, maintenance requirements, and driver qualifications. 


A skilled McAllen truck accident lawyer conducts a thorough investigation into the incident, leaving no stone unturned. They gather evidence such as police reports, witness testimonies, and black box data from the involved commercial vehicle. 


With their expertise in negotiating settlements, experienced semi truck accident attorneys strive to ensure their clients receive fair compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other losses resulting from the accident. 


In cases where negotiation fails or an equitable settlement cannot be reached outside courtrooms, dedicated truck accident lawyers are prepared to take matters to trial if necessary. Discover what is the average 18-wheeler accident settlement in Texas and visit our case results page. 

What Compensation Can I Claim After a Truck Wreck?

Semi Truck accidents often result in devastating consequences that can leave victims facing substantial financial burdens. We go through some of the common damages you can claim for below.

Medical Expenses

Victims of 18-wheeler accidents may require extensive medical treatment including surgeries, rehabilitation therapies, and long-term care. A proficient McAllen truck accident lawyer fights relentlessly to recover all past and future medical expenses incurred by their clients.

Property Damage

Collisions involving trucks can cause severe damage not only to personal vehicles but also public infrastructure such as traffic lights or guardrails. A diligent attorney ensures that adequate compensation is pursued for all property damages sustained during the accident.

Lost Wages

Truck accidents often cause victims to miss work due to injuries or recovery time. A proficient lawyer seeks compensation for lost wages, including potential future earnings if the victim’s ability to work is permanently affected.

Non-Economic Damages

Beyond tangible losses, 18-wheeler accident attorneys also advocate for compensation related to non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. They skillfully calculate these intangible losses to ensure their clients receive appropriate restitution.

Securing legal representation from a specialized truck accident lawyer is crucial in obtaining fair compensation for victims. These professionals are trained to maximize the recovery of damages caused by such accidents. 

What Does A Truck Accident Attorney Do?

We’ve covered the devastation that can result from truck accidents — so let’s talk through what a McAllen truck accident attorney actually does to help you.

A skilled truck accident lawyer possesses an in-depth understanding of the laws pertaining to commercial vehicles and the regulations governing the trucking industry. They are well-versed in investigating accidents involving large commercial trucks, identifying liable parties and building strong cases on behalf of their clients. By leveraging their knowledge and expertise, these lawyers are able to effectively negotiate with insurance companies and seek fair settlements or litigate cases if necessary.

Furthermore, a proficient truck wreck attorney possesses a deep understanding of the various factors that could contribute to these serious accidents. From driver fatigue and inadequate maintenance to faulty equipment or improper loading practices – they are adept at identifying potential causes of negligence or recklessness on part of the trucking company or its employees. Armed with this knowledge, they can build strong cases that effectively demonstrate liability and demand appropriate compensation for their clients’ losses.

Finally, a truck accident lawyer provides invaluable support during what can be an emotionally challenging time for victims and their families. They offer guidance throughout the entire legal process, ensuring that their clients understand their rights and options. With their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to protecting their clients’ best interests, a reputable truck accident attorney can help level the playing field against powerful insurance companies or negligent parties.

Their specialized knowledge combined with their unwavering dedication to pursuing justice ensures that your rights are protected while increasing the likelihood of obtaining fair compensation for your losses.

Most Common Truck Accident Injuries

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): The force of a truck accident can lead to concussions or severe brain trauma, impacting cognitive function, memory, and motor skills. TBIs often require extensive medical treatment and long-term rehabilitation, drastically altering a victim’s quality of life.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Truck accidents can result in spinal fractures or damage to the spinal cord, leading to paralysis, loss of sensation, and limited mobility. Such injuries demand lifelong medical care, adaptive devices, and significant adjustments to daily routines.
  • Fractures and Broken Bones: High-impact collisions frequently cause fractures in limbs, ribs, or the pelvis. Recovery may involve surgeries, casts, and prolonged physical therapy, impeding a person’s ability to work, engage in activities, and enjoy a normal lifestyle.
  • Internal Organ Damage: The force of impact can cause internal bleeding, organ ruptures, or damage, necessitating emergency surgery and ongoing medical monitoring. Organ injuries may lead to chronic pain, mobility restrictions, and the need for continuous medical attention.
  • Severe Contusions: Deep tissue bruising can result from the sudden impact of a truck accident, causing pain, swelling, and potential complications. These injuries may hinder a person’s ability to perform daily tasks, work, or engage in recreational activities.

Truck accident injuries can have a profound and lasting impact on an individual’s life. Beyond the physical pain and medical treatments, victims often face emotional trauma, financial strain, and disruptions to their personal and professional lives. The recovery process may involve extensive therapy, lifestyle adjustments, and coping with long-term disabilities. At Reyes Law Firm, we understand the far-reaching consequences of these injuries and are committed to helping victims navigate the legal process, seek rightful compensation, and regain a sense of control and stability in their lives.

Truck accident attorney FAQs

A McAllen truck accident attorney typically handles cases that involve accidents caused by or involving large commercial trucks, such as semi-trucks, tractor-trailers and other heavy vehicles. These cases may include collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians or property, and can result in various types of injuries and damages.

A McAllen truck accident attorney offers a range of services to clients who have been involved in truck accidents. These services may include investigating the accident, gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, filing legal claims, representing clients in court, and seeking compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages resulting from the accident.

When selecting a McAllen truck accident lawyer, it is crucial to consider their experience, reputation, and track record in handling similar cases. Look for lawyers who specialize in personal injury law and have a proven history of successfully representing clients in truck accident cases. Additionally, consider their communication skills, accessibility and willingness to provide personalized attention to your case.

Determining liability in a truck accident involves a careful assessment of various factors. Liability may rest with:


    • Truck Driver: Negligent actions such as speeding, distracted driving, or fatigue can make the driver liable.

    • Trucking Company: Inadequate training, improper maintenance, or violations of regulations could hold the company accountable.

    • Manufacturers: Defective parts or equipment contributing to the accident might establish liability.

    • Other Negligent Drivers: If multiple vehicles were involved, shared responsibility could exist.

Identifying the responsible party is crucial for pursuing rightful compensation. Consulting a seasoned truck accident lawyer, like those at Reyes Law Firm, can provide clarity and guidance in determining liability and building a strong case.

In the aftermath of a truck accident, focus on safety and follow these essential steps:

  • Ensure your safety and that of others involved.
  • If there are injuries or hazardous conditions, promptly call emergency services.
  • Document the accident scene by capturing photos or videos.
  • Exchange contact and insurance details with the other parties involved.
  • Even if you don't feel immediate pain, seek medical attention, as certain injuries might not manifest right away.
  • Refrain from discussing fault or making statements to the truck driver's insurance company until you've consulted a lawyer.

In most cases, it is advisable to refrain from direct communication with the truck driver's insurance company until you have consulted with an attorney. Insurance companies often aim to reduce their financial responsibility and can potentially use any statements you make against your own interests. Enlisting the services of a lawyer to manage all interactions with the insurance company can safeguard your rights and prevent unintentional detriment to your case.

Hire The Best Truck Accident Lawyers in McAllen, Texas

By enlisting the services of a qualified McAllen truck accident lawyer from Reyes Browne Law Firm, you gain access to formidable representation against powerful entities within the transportation industry. Our commitment to advocating for your rights ensures that you receive just compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, as well as any other damages resulting from the accident. Trusting your case to our experienced professionals allows you to focus on recovery while knowing that expert legal guidance is working tirelessly on your behalf.

With a remarkable track record of over $1 billion recovered for clients, our personal injury law firm has become a prominent player in the legal field in Texas. One distinguishing factor that sets us apart is our commitment to operating on a contingency fee basis, ensuring that our clients are not burdened with any fees unless their case is successfully resolved.

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