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Lewisville Texas is known for the wide range of activities that occur around the area. From the Lebanese food festival to the outdoor concerts during the summer, there’ always something fun and exciting to do in Lewisville. The city truthfully embodies their slogan of “Deep roots. Broad wings. Bright Future.” Once you’ve crossed a large landmark displaying a bird leaving a Texas state shadow, you know that you are home.

One thing the city is not too fond of is personal injuries. Nobody really ever is, but in Lewisville, with all the fun activities going on, it’s a nightmare to have to miss them. Especially when it’s someone else’s fault that you’re in pain. That’s when you know that you are better off in finding legal representation.

There are no better personal injury lawyers in DFW than the experienced injury law professionals at the law firm of Angel Reyes of Reyes Browne Reilley. The law firm that has a reputation to bend insurance companies until they break and give clients the maximum recovery settlements on a number of occasions. We’re not afraid to fight for you and your family’s right to recover proper and fair compensation.

Nobody deserves to suffer from injuries caused by another. Especially if it’s more than just physical suffering. After a personal injury, life can get turned upside down for you and your family. Bills start to stack up and the burden becomes too heavy to bear. That’s why we decided to get into the business of personal injury law.

For nearly three decades, our law firm has remained at the highest level of practicing lawyers in the DFW area. We boast a 98% success rate with a very long list of satisfied clients. Go ahead and check out our reviews and video testimonial pages in order to see our reputation from our past clients. Your health, both physical and financial, is our priority when it comes to taking on your case. Your case deserves the best attorneys around.

We’ll help you from day one of your sustained injury until your case has been concluded and even beyond that. We have clients that have had multiple unfortunate incidents where they were left injured and need legal assistance. They turned to us multiple times and we were able to take care of them appropriately and effectively each time.

Some may wonder why we have clients that choose us multiple times for all their personal injuries. It’s because we put them first.

Our clients don’t pay a consultation fee when they call us. They also don’t pay a single up-front cost. They don’t even pay us for our services until after the case has been concluded and we add those costs into the overall case settlement amount. So realistically, you don’t necessarily pay us at all, the insurance does. In the highly unlikely event that we lose, our clients don’t owe us a thing. We’re that confident in our work.

Waiting to get your case started is not the best decision. The best decision is to aggressively work towards your maximum compensation amount with the help of our Reyes Browne Reilley team. Call us today to get us to work for you and your family. For your personal injury consultation, you can reach us 24/7 at (214) 526-7900.