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Absolutely. Dashcam videos are some of the best pieces of evidence that can be used in a car accident case. Dashcams can simply be the biggest blessing when it comes to getting the rightful compensation you deserve following an accident filled with injuries. Dashcams are everywhere nowadays. With the prevalence of them on police vehicles, the popularity has begun making its way into the general public. In some foreign countries, insurance companies encourage their insured drivers to own and mount dashcams in their car to help prove or disprove liability.

The reason dashcams are so helpful is when it comes to proof of the Dallas car accident. The proof of the accident will not tell a lie when caught on film. Regardless of how many people were in the other car that hit you, it is no longer their word against yours. Let the proof come down to the footage which will be taken far more seriously in court.

This footage of the accident will benefit you greatly in ensuring the opposing insurance company has to accept liability on behalf of their client’s negligence. Leaving you in shambles, hurting, and needing a doctor, you have every right to pursue an injury claim when your dashcam footage proves their client made the mistake, not you.

Dashcam Footage Can Hurt Your Car Accident Case Too

With everything good, there is always a bad side. The yin and yang to a dashcam happen to fall upon a few different pieces where the dashcam is not extremely helpful.  Capturing the right footage can be difficult if the accident happens on a different part of your car where the camera is not facing.

Therefore, it may not help you, but it also will not hurt you in this case. There are certain cases where the dashcam footage will come back to haunt you. If the footage catches you doing reckless or dangerous things before the accident occurs, you may want to stay far away from the recording as this could harm the prosperity of your car accident injury case with our Dallas car accident lawyers.

The biggest reason for needing to use dashcam footage is usually to prove liability. However, the subjectivity left in the air while using the footage can be uncertain in any case. Regardless of what the dashcam footage shows, a jury, judge, or defense attorney can spot other issues and utilize your footage against you if they find a way. If you do install a dashcam, remember to place it in a spot where it does not hinder your view, captures as much of your actions as possible, and follow all local laws pertaining to dashcams.

If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident and you have dashcam footage you think might be able to help your case,  you can always call Angel Reyes for more information at (214) 526-7900. Our team is standing by 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns and get you back on the road to recovery.