Following a Car Wreck

There’s no doubt that a car wreck can be the type of traumatic event few of us know how to prepare for. Even if you truly believe you’d know what to do in the aftermath, there’s no way to be certain you’d actually have the presence of mind to respond to such a situation appropriately. However, aside from looking after your safety and that of anyone involved, the only other thing you need to remember to do is to contact a car accident attorney in Dallas as soon as possible.

Don’t Comment on the Wreck until Speaking with a Lawyer

Depending on the nature of the accident, it can be tempting to want to speak about it with the others involved or even police officers or EMTs who respond at the scene. This is a huge mistake though, as anything you say can become admissible, should a trial result from the accident. Even if you think it’s obvious the other driver was 100% responsible for the wreck, you put your chances of winning a suit—or defending against one—at risk if you accidentally say the wrong thing.

This is easier to do than you may think. Unless you’re actually a car wreck lawyer, you wouldn’t know that even saying something as simple as, “I’m sorry” to the other driver—again, even if you don’t necessarily believe the accident is something you should be having to apologize for—could land you in hot water.

Knowing if You Have a Case

Even when the accident isn’t your fault, the unfortunate truth is that sometimes you just don’t have a case. While this is a tough pill to swallow, if you can’t face facts, you’ll end up unnecessarily spending a lot of money trying to sue someone with no chance of winning.

One of the first things a car crash lawyers will do is look at the actual evidence in the case and let you know whether or not they think you have a shot at winning. Legally, they can’t mislead you about the facts in order to trick you into going to court, solely so they can collect a payday.

Collecting Evidence

Another advantage, not only to having a car accident attorney go to bat for you, but also to contacting one as soon as possible is that there is all kinds of evidence that result from such an accident and you need someone who is skilled in collecting it. Even police on the scene may not know exactly what kind of evidence is meaningful when a lawsuit is involved.

However, you need to hire a Dallas car wreck lawyer as soon as possible so that they can begin collecting this evidence before it starts disappearing. Car wrecks get cleaned up almost immediately. On top of that, any witnesses who may be of help will start forgetting what they saw sooner rather than later, meaning you want to give your attorney as much time as possible to track them down and ask questions.

Getting What You’re Owed

Lastly, all this talk of filing lawsuits can blind you to the unfortunate fact that sometimes the people you have to go after hardest are those who you rely on most. Insurance companies don’t always want to pay out what you’re owed, despite just how much you’ve been paying them over the years. Fortunately, a Dallas car accident lawyer has been through this all before and will have experience working with your insurer to get you what’s rightfully yours.

After an accident occurs, it’s natural to be confused and scared. Call for help first, then make sure everyone involved is ok. Then, as soon as you can, get in touch with a lawyer who will protect your rights and fight for what you’re owed.