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Arguably, the most sports infused city in all the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Frisco Texas hosts some of the nation’s best athletes when it comes to their home practice facilities. The Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Stars, the FCS NCAA National Championship football game and much higher caliber athletic clubs all come to Frisco to put in the work necessary to be the best at their craft.

Something that more people wish would be held to a high caliber standard like the rest of sports in Frisco is truck drivers. Truck drivers that haul anything through Frisco tend to either be going too fast or are driving in a somewhat erratic fashion. Unsuspecting motorists continue to find themselves left injured because of some of these destructive 18-wheeler operators. Instead of just being left injured, a lot of people are being left for broke. Medical bills after truck accidents can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for the rest of your life. You deserve to have those held liable picking up that tab.

The best truck accident lawyers in Dallas-Fort Worth will help you take care of that problem. The law firm of Reyes Browne Reilley and our staff of legal professionals are here to help your life get back on track and take the hassle out of your everyday while battling with the insurance company that does not want to pay you anything. They may offer you a set amount immediately for you to refrain from pursuing a legal case against them but signing that document and taking that lowball offer could be the worst decision you ever make.

The problem with insurance companies is they see you as a liability to their profit margin. That is not how a company that claims to hold themselves to a higher standard should ever operate. You deserve to be taken care of following their policies that their client currently has with them. This also means if your future expenses will exceed the policy maximums, our attorneys will gladly go to court on your behalf to fight for that right you have.

For nearly thirty years we have seen cases just like yours run into multiple problems. Every problem we encounter, we find a solution, so your case is never negatively impacted by the defense trying to stake a claim against you. We know what your case is worth. Our attorneys refuse to settle for anything lower than what we know you are entitled to. Also, we will work for you 100% for free if we do not win your case. You have nothing to lose by calling us to begin working on your case.

With a free consultation and running on a contingency fee basis, you have no reason not to reach out to our dedicated support staff of legal professionals. Call us today to begin your case evaluation and help preserve any and all facts about your case. Time is always a factor when it comes to personal injury cases. You can reach us by dialing on your phone (214) 526-7900 right now!