5 Star Rating – Selected from Over 10K Reviews

5 Star Rating – Selected from Over 10K Reviews

Dallas Hit and Run Accident Lawyers

Hit and run accidents can be one of the most helpless moments you may ever experience in your life. The thought of someone being so reckless and selfish will ruin anyone’s day. It’s important to know what to do in a situation like this because you never know when it can happen to you.

A hit and run occur when the driver of a vehicle collides with another vehicle, stationary or moving, leaves the scene of the wreck without giving proper information or notice to the owner of the vehicle, and according to the Texas Transportation Code §550, failure to do so is a serious offense and can lead to a felony if the other driver is significantly or fatally injured. One of our Dallas car accident lawyers will be able to help guide you in analyzing your specific case.

Our lawyers have dealt with compensating for a variety of injuries such as

  • Any injuries requiring staples, sutures, or surgery
  • Whiplash
  • Severe burns
  • Emotional distress
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Loss of limb
  • Death

What to do if you are involved in a Dallas hit and run accident

Case after case dealing with these types of claims, our attorneys are experts at navigating their way to do everything in your best interest.

Your first step after an incident like this would be to call the police and get any medical assistance if needed, followed by seeking legal help. Calling our attorneys will be the most help to you in the long run.

Knowing all the details at the time of a hit and run is crucial for your claim, followed by knowing the time and location of the hit and run, names and information of eyewitnesses, documentation of any medical care, and clear pictures of the accident will all help take you one step closer to the compensation you deserve. Most importantly, do not try and chase the individual that is running from the scene of your accident. Get the license plate, and stay put. Gather the rest of the information at the scene and get yourself medical attention while calling your Dallas hit and run attorney.

A hit and run in Dallas can be a frightening situation. Depending on where you are, it’s easy to get lost in the city, and can make a hit and run that much more possible. When it comes to finding the guilty party, knowing any details about the car is your best chance at finding the fleeing driver. The license plate, make and model of the car and color goes a long way in tracking down the person. Remember, as soon as you know you are hit, make sure you call the police when you are in a safe environment, get any medical assistance that is needed, and never try and follow after the fleeing vehicle. 

A driver might leave the scene of a crime for various reasons. Whether it be to escape other illegal behaviors like driving under the influence of alcohol or other impairing drugs, driving with a suspended license, or simply just not having the proper insurance, there is no justifiable reason for a person to leave the scene of a wreck.

Dealing with a hit and run offender without insurance, it is more than likely that you will not receive any compensation even if you are able to find the offender, which is why you should always have uninsured motorist coverage within your insurance policy. Having this coverage will help you get compensation whether you find the assailant or not, but strictly going through your insurance company will leave you vulnerable to not getting the money you deserve. While insurance is required for all drivers in the state of Texas, insurance companies don’t always give you the amount you deserve. Making sure you file a claim with the help of one of our attorneys should give you peace of mind knowing that we will fight for everything you should receive.

Contact a Dallas hit and run accident lawyer today

Being a hit and run victim can be a stressful time of your life. Don’t let your insurance rob you of what you deserve, our team of trusted dallas hit and run accident lawyers will always fight for what’s best for you. File a hit and run injury claim with us through a FREE consultation, and if you don’t win your claim, our services are completely FREE of charge. With nothing to lose and so much to gain, there’s no reason to trust the highest-rated injury lawyers in Dallas. Call us now at (469) 765-3701



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