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The Ultimate Guide to Truck Accident LAW

Truck accidents or 18-wheeler accidents – no matter what you call them, these particular auto incidents are often catastrophic in nature and very stressful for all involved. Truck accidents in Dallas are frighteningly common, which is why it is so important to know what to do if you are involved in one. In this article, we break down everything you need to know about seeking legal help after a truck accident in Dallas, including what you can claim and how to find the best lawyer for your circumstances.

When it comes to car and truck accidents, there’s nothing we don’t know. If you can’t find the information you are looking for here, or you need urgent advice, our team are available 24/7.

What Should You Do If You Get Into A Truck Wreck?

As the largest and heaviest vehicles on the road, 18-wheelers often cause more catastrophic damage in an accident than other vehicles. If you get into a truck wreck, remain calm, and follow the critical steps below:

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What happens during a truck accident investigation?

First, law enforcement arrives at the scene to secure the area and collect initial evidence. They'll document the scene, take photographs, and interview witnesses. Given trucks' size and potential perils, especially 18-wheelers, law enforcement may deploy specialized teams to handle fuel spills or hazardous cargo.



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Major causes of truck accidents

Truck accidents are among the most devastating road mishaps, often resulting in severe damages and fatalities. While the sheer size and weight of these vehicles make them inherently risky, there are numerous underlying causes for these collisions, which include:

If you were involved in a truck accident, consult a Texas 18-wheeler accident lawyer for legal guidance. Call today for more information.

Due to a wide range of vehicles and causes, no two truck accidents are the same. We’ve listed some of the common types of truck accidents that occur in Texas.

Fatal truck accidents

Accidents involving semi-trucks and tractor-trailers caused 513 deaths in 2020, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. The size and weight of commercial trucks make catastrophic injuries inevitable in a collision with a passenger vehicle.

Garbage truck accidents

Garbage trucks make frequent stops and are usually on the roads early when the streets are dark, and visibility is poor. To make matters more dangerous, drivers will sometimes stop their trash trucks—weighing up to 60,000 pounds—in the middle of the road in an attempt to save time.

Overloaded or unsecured cargo

Every person who shares the road with an 18-wheeler relies on the businesses and the people responsible for securing the vehicle’s load. When these parties load a truck improperly, either by exceeding the recommended weight limits or by improperly or carelessly securing it– they put other drivers and passengers in harm’s way.

Tanker truck accidents

Commercial vehicles always present risks to those sharing the road, but accidents involving tanker trucks can be especially catastrophic. Tanker trucks are designed to carry hazardous materials like potentially explosive gasses and liquids.

Rear-end truck accidents

Unfortunately, getting rear-ended by a truck is often not a matter of a simple prang—these incidents can often cause significant damage not only to your vehicle, but also to your health. Rear-end truck accidents are surprisingly common due to a number of factors.


A truck jackknifes when its trailer and front cab slide towards each other to form an angle. This usually happens when the driver loses control of their truck due to a heavy load, braking too quickly, or an incorrect maneuver.


Due to their top-heavy nature, commercial trucks can easily tip onto their side under certain circumstances. Something as innocuous as a sharp swerve to avoid a hazard can cause the truck to roll over. 

No-zone accidents

Also referred to as blind-spot accidents, these crashes occur because trucks have blind spots in the front, back, and on both sides. A lack of care taken when checking these blind spots during changing lanes, turning, or speeding up can cause no-zone accidents. 

Head-on collisions

Head-on accidents are one of the most fatal types of truck accidents. You can only imagine the devastation that would result from an 80,000-pound truck colliding with a passenger vehicle.

Tire blowouts

While there are weight and size limits in place that trucking companies must adhere to, this isn’t always the case. Overloaded vehicles can put more pressure on tires, which may cause them to explode and thus make a truck lose control. 

Under/override accidents

Underride accidents happen when a small car crashes into the back or side of a large truck and becomes wedged underneath. This typically happens when a truck driver can’t stop in time and runs over the vehicle ahead of it.


There are more than 70,000 Amazon trucks on the road delivering parcels all across the U.S. These numbers increase your risk of being involved in a road accident with a vehicle from this powerful and prolific fleet. If an Amazon company vehicle hits your car, you have several options to pursue fair compensation.


As one of the biggest cities in the United States, Dallas sees its fair share of action on the road. Accidents with commercial vehicles have been known to have some of the most horrific endings—the sheer size of these types of vehicles can leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

Injuries commonly caused by truck accidents

The destruction caused by a large truck accident is far more severe than car accidents. Again, some victims may walk away with only mild injuries, some may be more serious and life-changing, and some are fatal. Here are some common injuries that are typically associated with large truck accidents here in Dallas:

  • Lacerations and cuts
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Neck or head injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Back and spine injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Amputations or disfigurement
  • Partial or even total paralysis
  • Death

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How much is my truck crash claim worth?

Every truck crash is different, so it makes sense that every truck crash settlement is different. While some claims may net the complainant millions of dollars in compensation, others will yield much less. Key factors that help determine the value of your case include the following:

There are typically 4 stage to the settlement process:

1. How clear it is that the defendant is liable for the crash

2. Whether or not you were partially at fault

3. How strong your case is

4. How opposed the defendant is to go to trial

1. How clear it is that the defendant is liable for the crash

If the driver of the truck was found to be legally intoxicated, or you have video footage of the truck running a red light, then the truck driver will not have much of a chance to dispute their liability for the crash. If that is the case, a fair settlement offer is more likely to be presented to you earlier in the process. On the other hand, many of these accidents involve situations where it is unclear which driver was at fault—neither side has concrete proof of what happened. In those cases, the other party has less incentive to present a fair settlement offer to you early in the process.

2. Whether or not you were partially at fault

In Texas, we have the 51 Percent Bar Rule, which states that you can still recover financially for your injuries as long as you were not more than 50 percent responsible for the crash. While you can still receive damages even if you were 50 percent (or less) responsible for the accident, the amount you are awarded will be reduced proportionately to your share of responsibility. For example, if you suffered $1 million in damages, but you were 20 percent responsible for the crash, then you would end up with $800,000.

3. How strong your case is

In general, the more evidence you have pointing to the defendant as the driver responsible for the accident, the more valuable your case will be. Maybe your lawyer has tracked down surveillance footage that shows the other driver causing the accident. Perhaps they have interviewed several credible witnesses to the crash—and they all shared the same view that the defendant caused the accident. The stronger your case is, the more likely the defendant will be to present a fair settlement offer to you long before the case ever gets to trial.

4. How opposed the defendant is to go to trial

There are several reasons why some defendants—whether they are individuals or companies—want to avoid going to trial. Maybe the prospect of the legal fees associated with a long, drawn-out case is overwhelming; perhaps a company fears taking a serious PR hit if your case becomes public record or receives publicity. It could also be that the defendant is concerned about being required to divulge some valuable proprietary information when testifying under oath. The more averse they are to going to trial, the more likely you will receive a fair settlement offer in advance of trial.

Why do I need a Dallas truck accident lawyer?

When it comes to an incident as stressful and high-stakes as a truck accident, having someone on your side who knows their way around the law is crucial. Trying to navigate the intricacies of the legal process without the help of a truck accident lawyer can see you missing out on valuable compensation that you are entitled to. A thorough and results-driven lawyer will do the following to make sure you not only have the best case possible, but that you also feel supported and heard during the legal process.

  • Help you to comprehend all aspects of your case from beginning to end
  • Thoroughly investigate the cause (or causes) of your crash
  • Identify all possible sources of compensation, including any limits or loopholes
  • Engage experts like accident reconstruction specialists to build your case
  • Managing and organizing important documents for you
  • Collecting and preserving vital evidence for your case
  • Acting as your advocate and communicating with external parties for you
  • Expert, tenacious negotiation to secure the highest possible compensation
  • Argue for your best interests in court in the event that a settlement can’t be reached

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Finding a good truck accident lawyer in Dallas

Finding the best truck accident lawyer in Dallas is as simple as calling the team at Angel Reyes & Associates. Our team has the winning formula for success in all manner of auto accident cases across Texas. When you hire one of our expert truck accident lawyers, you can rest assured that we approach each case with meticulous attention to detail, not to mention compassion. Our team uses tried-and-tested, best-practice procedures to achieve justice for our clients, including the conducting of a full and thorough investigation as well as development of evidence necessary to prove all liability and damages.

Every single investigation is handled by our team of highly skilled lawyers, who have been trained to know everything there is to know about the complex and nuanced world of Texas road laws. Our diligent approach and encyclopedic knowledge means we pick up things our competitors might miss, making us the team you can trust to secure the best possible outcome. 

In the unfortunate instance of injury or death, our personal injury lawyers and wrongful death lawyers will compassionately craft a case to ensure that the victim’s beneficiaries receive the absolute maximum compensation that they are entitled to. Our team achieves outstanding results by taking a personal approach, working closely with victims from the moment they make contact so that we have the best shot at creating an airtight case. 



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FAQs about Dallas truck accidents and the law

If you are hit by a truck driver with previous drug or alcohol related convictions, it could absolutely affect your truck wreck case against the company who employed that driver. It can demonstrate negligence on many levels such as hiring, supervision, retention, training, and more. When a trucking company knowingly (or accidentally) hires drivers with past drug and alcohol problems, they are willingly abandoning a greater responsibility to ensure their trucks are operated safely on public roads.

In short, a truck driver’s history with drugs or alcohol would likely be considered by a jury when they deliberate on your truck wreck case. Many large settlements or jury verdicts result in strong recoveries for truck wreck injury plaintiffs because of the irresponsible conduct of the company employing the driver, and not just the negligence of the intoxicated driver.

Naturally, you want to hold the person most directly responsible for causing the accident liable for injuries. Thus, suing the truck driver seems like a logical conclusion. While you can certainly sue the driver for damages, focusing solely on this defendant is unlikely to get you the compensation you deserve. While truck drivers must carry commercial insurance in Texas with higher payouts, insurance claims typically do not pay damages in full and do not cover pain and suffering losses.

Since trucking firms are often well-insured, a Dallas truck accident lawyer would typically recommend suing both the driver and the employer. The trucking company enters the suit as a co-defendant and assumes responsibility for screening, hiring, training, supervising, and retaining the driver. Typically, the company can be held liable for anything that occurs while the driver is “on the clock” representing their business.

In some instances, multiple drivers or parties share blame for a truck accident. For example, the truck driver may have been speeding, but you were also using your cell phone. When you share responsibility for an accident, it can directly affect how much compensation you’re entitled to.

To break it down simply, Texas is a modified comparative negligence state, which means your damages are reduced by the percentage of fault you share. These percentages are determined by a judge or jury in the court of law. For example, if a jury rules that you were 20 percent at fault for the truck accident and your damages total $100,000, you would only legally be liable to pursue $80,000 in compensation.

It may be your natural instinct to want to talk to the insurance company to get your side of the story down in writing, but this is a bad move. In the heat of the moment, you may say something that they can use against you to reduce the amount of compensation you are entitled to. Even something as simple and reflexive as the word “sorry” can be seen as an admission of guilt. Tell the insurance company that your lawyer will speak on your behalf. 

There are various laws and deadlines that you have to consider when filing a truck accident claim. When you file any lawsuit in Texas, it is subject to the statute of limitations. This means you have two years from the accident date to sue. If you sit on it any longer, you nullify your right to compensation. In the instance that you file your case after two years, it’s likely the court will immediately dismiss it.

There are two major exceptions where you can extend the statute of limitations and have additional time to make your lawsuit official:

  • If you were a minor at the time of the crash, the two-year statute would not begin until you turn 18 years old.
  • If the defendant left the state before you filed your lawsuit, the statute would start once they return. Any time out of the state would not count towards the two-year deadline.

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