Finding the right rear-end truck accident attorney is crucial when you have been involved in this specific type of auto accident. Unfortunately, getting rear-ended by a truck is often not a matter of a simple prang—these incidents can often cause significant damage not only to your vehicle, but also to your health. If you have been the victim of a truck rear-ending incident, seeking legal representation is your best bet at securing financial compensation. In this article we talk you through the different kinds of rear-end truck accidents, how these accidents tend to occur, and how to secure a top-notch lawyer who can represent you if you need legal assistance after being rear-ended by a truck. 

What causes a rear-end truck accident?

Rear-end truck accidents are surprisingly common due to a number of factors. When you also add in that the larger a vehicle is, the longer its stopping distance is, it becomes apparent why trucks are often involved in road accidents. We’ve compiled a list of some things that may cause a truck to rear-end you.

Speeding: Tight delivery deadlines can cause truck drivers to exceed the speed limit, which can cause rear-end collisions if they are too close to the vehicle in front.

Poor road conditions: As is the case for all drivers, inclement weather means that you have a responsibility to slow down and provide a safe stopping distance. Failure to do so can cause serious accidents. 

Distracted driving: Because truckers spend so much time behind the wheel, they can often slip into the habit of distracted driving. Things like texting, eating, and talking to dispatchers can cause trouble. 

Asleep at the wheel: Driver fatigue and even dozing off behind the wheel is tragically common in the trucking industry. These crashes can be particularly devastating if the driver doesn’t get a chance to hit the brakes before impact.

Drunk and impaired driving: even though truck drivers are held to stricter blood alcohol content (BAC) standards than other motorists, some ignore the law. Alcohol inhibits perception and reaction time, so it can lead to rear-end crashes when a vehicle in front must slow or stop.

Brake faults: Due to a truck’s size and length, well-maintained brakes are crucial for its stopping powers. Design and maintenance issues can cause harrowing rear-end crashes. 

What are the different kinds of rear-end truck accidents?

There are many types of large vehicles that can be technically classified as trucks. We provide some examples below.

Big rigs: Big rigs consist of semi-trucks, as well as semi-trailer tractors. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles poses a more serious threat to other drivers on the road. 

Delivery vans: Delivery vans are used to deliver products mainly in suburban areas, which can mean narrow streets that are difficult to navigate and stop in.

Flatbed trucks: Flatbed trucks have a large, open floor purpose-built to transport flat materials and cargo. They do not have sides or a roof, which makes them quite a serious risk for other drivers on the road.

Tow trucks: Common on highways and roads, tow trucks have a large, metal tank used to tow other vehicles. Due to their weight and size, these vehicles can cause danger to other drivers.

Garbage trucks: By virtue of their weight and their stop-and-start operation, garbage trucks can be quite a liability on the road. 

Logging trucks: Used to transport timber, these large trucks require specific safety standards to secure their loads. If these standards are not met, the consequences can be dire. 

Emergency vehicles: Emergency vehicles like fire trucks or ambulances are obviously crucial for the safety of society. However, due to speeding and distractions, they can still cause accidents. 

Did you rear-end a truck?

Most people would assume that if your vehicle hits a truck from behind, you are at fault. However, this is not always the case. Trucks have stringent safety light requirements to warn other drivers when they are stopped or moving slowly. If their lights aren’t on and you didn’t see them, the trucking company may be liable for negligence. Illegally parked trucks also pose a danger to all drivers. If a truck has not found a safe place to pull over and has not put its hazard lights on when it is stopped, they are at fault.  

Choose a legal team with experience, knowledge, and a proven track record for success

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