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You see them all around town. Almost anywhere you go in Dallas, you will see either a bus or a bus station. Whether it be a school bus, a DART bus, or a coach bus, buses fill the DFW metroplex transporting millions of people every year. While it is rare, you will see a bus get into a car accident. When it comes to passengers sustaining injuries, most people believe that you are safe on a bus, and this is truthfully not the case.

Every year there are hundreds of bus crashes, and they can be extremely dangerous for those on board. From a church bus accident, a school bus accident, or a DART bus accident, people can suffer severe injuries inside the cabin of the large commercial vehicle. The problem with many busses is they do not have any restraints or safety devices to protect their passengers.

Dallas Bus Accident Attorneys

This problem is often overlooked by bus operators or even the transit companies that own and insure them. This kind of negligence is hard to understand, especially when you do not have experience with traffic accident laws. This is the most important reason you need to hire a Dallas bus or car accident lawyer to represent you—as you pursue the damages you deserve in the aftermath of a car accident.

Our Dallas bus accident injury attorneys have remarkable experience and an outstanding record of accomplishments. Having our team on your side ensures you will be receiving the best possible legal representation. Coping with a Dart bus accident in Dallas or any bus accident in Dallas should be a breeze for you. The insurance company should cooperate fairly and honestly while paying you what you rightfully deserve.

Well, in a perfect world, this would indeed happen. However, because buses are considered commercial vehicles in Texas, they must abide by commercial regulations—including having a commercial vehicle insurance policy. These policies can have substantial maximum policy limits. Yet, the insurance company will do anything they can to protect their profits from those who rightfully deserve the compensation for their injuries.

Why are bus accidents more dangerous?

There are several reasons why a bus accident is usually more serious than nearly any other type of motor vehicle crash. First and foremost, buses are large and heavy, which means that cars can easily be totaled if they are struck by a bus. In addition, consider the following issues:

  • Passenger capacity: A bus may be carrying more than a dozen passengers when it crashes. This means there is a more significant potential for many people to suffer serious injuries.
  • Safety features: As noted, buses are not typically equipped with seatbelts. In fact, some passengers may be standing at the time of the crash, which makes them more vulnerable to serious injuries.
  • Vehicle limitations: Because buses are so heavy, they need a great deal more distance than a passenger vehicle to come to a complete stop. They aren’t able to maneuver as well, either, and both of these issues place them at a higher risk of being involved in a crash.
  • Rollover risk: A bus has a higher center of gravity than most other vehicles. This means they are more likely to be involved in a serious rollover accident.

As you can see, bus accidents can be fairly complex. However, at our law firm in Dallas, we have the experience and resources necessary to help you secure maximum compensation.

Common causes of bus accidents

When consulting the Dallas bus accident lawyers at Angel Reyes & Associates, one of the first issues we will consider is the cause of the DART bus crash. This is significant because it will help pinpoint which party was at fault for the collision. Once we identify the at-fault party, our Dallas car accident lawyer may file a lawsuit demanding compensation. For example, if we determine that the bus driver was not trained adequately, we may file a lawsuit against the employer.

Some of the most common causes of bus accidents include the following:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Aggressive driving/road rage
  • Improper speed
  • Alcohol and illegal drug use
  • Side effects from legally prescribed medications
  • Faulty vehicle parts or improper maintenance
  • Reckless driving or driver error
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Improperly designed roadways

These common issues can cause any DART bus crash, including accidents involving passenger vehicles and instances where a pedestrian was hit by a bus.

Common injuries caused by bus accidents

At Angel Reyes & Associates, we understand that you should be focused on your health and recovery in the wake of a serious accident. Our bus accident attorney will take care of every aspect of your case so you can rebuild your life. We work with plaintiffs who have suffered a wide range of injuries caused by bus crashes and other accidents. Some of the injuries we see in severe crashes include the following:

By partnering with Angel Reyes & Associates, you can rest assured your case is in competent hands. We’ll fight to obtain the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and get the quality healthcare you need.

Wrongful death caused by a bus crash

The sheer size and weight of the average bus mean that every DART bus accident in Dallas has the potential to be very serious. And sometimes, victims aren’t able to walk away from the crash. If you’ve lost a loved one, Angel Reyes & Associates has your back. We’ll fight to hold the negligent party accountable for your family’s loss by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Although nothing can bring your loved ones back, you may be able to gain a sense of closure by pursuing justice for them. Furthermore, filing a lawsuit can relieve the financial burden on your family. Our accident attorney can demand damages for funeral costs, medical expenses incurred before the death, and the loss of support your loved one would have provided.

Injured in a Dallas Bus Accident?

These types of injuries you may be dealing with after your bus accident are entirely preventable. Busses without seatbelts or restraints of any kind are everywhere in the Dallas metroplex. The lack of safety features in a vehicle as large as a bus is concerning. Instead of experiencing the repercussions of an unfortunate but negligent crash, you need to hire our team.

Our lawyers can take over the entire case proceedings on your behalf. Handling paperwork, as well as other important tasks, should not fall on your shoulders. Your focus should be on recovering from your injuries. We want you to have the best possible chance to make a full recovery without having to worry about anything.

To lessen your stress, we even have policies put in place to be sure you can always afford our top-rated bus accident injury attorneys. In fact, our attorneys work completely free of charge unless we win your case. This means there are no up-front hourly costs—we can immediately begin to work on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Bus Accident Questions

We can answer all these questions at a free consultation. Moreover, our process as we begin to work on your case is far more straightforward than most people realize. While hiring a Dallas bus accident attorney can seem very intimidating, you have nothing to worry about when you speak with any of our legal professionals. All consultations are easy, free, and straightforward. We can help you with your case. The only thing you need to do is pick up the phone, tell us your story, and formally hire our 5-star injury lawyers. When you hire us, you become the leader of your own legal team for your bus accident injury case. Contact us now to begin your road back to recovery at (469) 306-1175.

Additional Resources on Bus Accidents

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  2. DART, DART Rider Alerts, https://dart.org/rideralerts/fullra.asp?id=5140

If you have been injured in a car accident, you need an experienced car accident lawyer specialist to protect your rights against insurance companies dedicated to minimizing your claim and compensation!

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