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A city that is well versed in community pride and quality facilities to spend your every day in is Southlake Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth suburb since the inception of their city has worked tirelessly to make their city the epitome of quality living. From the shopping and downtown experience to the flourishing outskirts of the suburb, Southlake citizens truly have every reason to be proud of where they come from.

One item on the docket Southlake is not immensely proud of is the number of injuries people suffer from horrible truck accidents. 18-wheelers fly through Southlake roadways and interstates which surround the city and the negligent drivers leave Southlake citizens in harm’s way riddled with injuries that range from severe to even death. These cases desperately need the assistance of an expert Dallas-Fort Worth truck accident lawyer.

Southlake citizens over time have made the discovery of Reyes law firm and trust their cases to our law firm for their truck accident injuries. We ensure the job gets done correctly and our clients are treated respectfully by the insurance company who would otherwise be very unpleasant to anyone filing a claim to rightfully receive compensation for their injuries following a truck wreck.

Due to our three decades of experience of being in the personal injury law practice, we have an incredibly unique and uncanny ability to know and understand just what our client’s cases are worth. Why is this important? Because it allows us to go ahead and press for above those amounts to obtain the maximum compensation recovery on truck accident injury cases.

It also ensures we do not ever settle or receive anything lower than what our client truly deserves. We put our foot firm in the ground and litigate with the tenacity to ensure you recover what you rightfully need following a horrific truck wreck encounter.

The insurance company does not want to dip into their profits for the year to pay you what you truly deserve for your injuries. They already have defense attorneys for their client on staff who will stop at absolutely nothing to discredit your claim and put you as the liable party for the accident that ensued, even if their client was the one acting negligently and hit you! This is not a respectful way to treat a person who is in agony after their client is the one who unlawfully left them with injuries.

On top of our already fantastic record of accomplishments and expert knowledge of the practice, you can hire us for absolutely no up-front cost to you. We charge what is called a contingency fee. Which you do not pay unless we win for you at the end of your case’s process. In other words, if we do not win your case for you, you do not pay us a single penny for working on your case!

The only thing standing in your way to begin your road back to financial and physical recovery is a phone call for a free case evaluation with our highly trained legal staff. We have our staff on-hand 24/7 for your convenience. Call us now at (214) 526-7900.