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There is a lot to love about living in Dallas. From its close-knit neighborhoods to its beautiful skyline to the affordable cost of living, Dallas is an attractive place to call home. Yet, it has its downsides, most notably its recent sharp spike in traffic accidents. If you’re getting back into your daily commute after the pandemic, be careful out there and practice defensive driving.

Dallas is now the most dangerous city for drivers and pedestrians

Every major city has its share of traffic accidents and fatalities, yet some are more dangerous than others. Recently, Dallas, in particular, has seen a sharp increase in the number of accidents caused by speeding. The roadways of Dallas have never been safe, as current statistics list the average traffic fatalities at over 14 deaths per 100,000 residents. That means a driver is 46% more likely to get into a car crash in Dallas than the national average.

However, the roadways around this city have gotten even more dangerous during the past year or two. In fact, Dallas has now been proclaimed as the most dangerous city for drivers– as well as pedestrians and cyclists. That undesirable label came after an R.V. rental company crunched data available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). On the roadways, there are white crosses and shrines of flowers and balloons where someone lost their life because of a reckless driver. Street racing has also been a problem in Dallas in recent years.

One notable accident took place on July 19 of this year. A 22-year-old driver, Luis Saulo Ronzon Ramirez, was allegedly speeding when he ran a red light, lost control, hit a pick-up truck, and then crashed into 48-year-old Armando Leija Esparza, who had been mowing a yard. Manslaughter charges were filed, but that won’t bring back Esparza.

Dallas police are stepping up their enforcement efforts

The sharp increase in traffic fatalities hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Dallas Police Department. The department has a dedicated traffic enforcement unit consisting of 22 officers and four sergeants. During July 2021 alone, the officers wrote more than 300 tickets. Their enforcement efforts primarily focus on individuals driving recklessly or aggressively– by speeding, making unsafe lane changes, tailgating, and, yes, street racing.

It’s an effort to not only make the road safer from reckless drivers but also to curb road rage incidents before they can happen. The officers say they’re also on the lookout for drivers who are using their horns aggressively, as this is an indicator that a road rage incident may be about to happen.

So why are the roadways of Dallas much worse than before? Experts point to the pandemic, which drastically reduced traffic when it first hit U.S. shores. Now that people are returning to the daily commute and other activities, they seem more impatient than ever to get to where they’re going quickly. They’re also quicker to anger at the slightest provocation.

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