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Auto Accidents

When a car wreck occurs, it doesn’t have to completely turn your life upside down. Now that you feel it’s turning that way, you’re turning to find the help you need. You know you’ll need a lawyer to help you fend off the third party insurance company from playing tricks on you. But which attorney should you get? You see plenty of them on television ads, billboards, and even sometimes in the newspaper. How do you know which lawyer you should pick to represent you and your case?

It’s easy to go with the attorneys you see all over with their marketing efforts. But are those the attorneys you really want? While searching for the next person to help with their personal injury cases is important, it’s far more important for a firm to continue treating their current clients’ cases with as much attention as they spent obtaining their case in the first place.


Reviews are an important part of making a decision in picking a law firm. They will help paint a picture as to what you can expect from the services the law firm offers. While it is very important to pay attention to the rating a law firm has across all review websites, it’s also important to pay attention to the number of reviews they have in order to achieve the rating they currently have. There are some tricks to boosting reviews some unethical law firms will take in order to seem like the best law firm in town. Here are some tell-tale items to watch out for when it comes to being skeptical of a personal injury law firm:

  • High ratings, low number of reviews
  • New law firms with more reviews than well-experienced law firms
  • Disproportionate numbers of reviews across all review sites
  • Unbalanced ratings across all review sites
  • Law firms that only have 5-star reviews across the board (this is very unrealistic)
  • Most reviews do not have any wording with the ratings they gave

These signs will tell you this law firm does not want you to truly know what happens as a client of the firm. Stay far away from these types of firms. Spotting quality of reviews over quantity is far more beneficial as a future potential client. Thoughtful reviews that mention members of the staff who were the most helpful in their case are definitive proof of a previous client giving their thoughtful opinion on the firm. Reviews repeatedly being left with no wording or thoughts on their case process typically means the law firm is obtaining reviews from individuals to boost their image. Be well-informed – read through the reviews

Lawsuit Filing Rate

Many car accident injury cases happen in Texas. With this happening so often, insurance companies become familiarized with different law firms and their tendencies. Certain law firms will cause the insurance to be more honest and fair when it comes to negotiations and litigations. However, there are certain law firms the insurance companies know will settle quickly, and settle for low amounts. These law firms are notably low filing firms.

What is a low filing firm? Law firms who do not actually file a lawsuit on an overwhelming majority of their cases are taken less seriously than a law firm who files 50% or more of their cases. The negotiations phase of a car accident claim is known as “pre-litigation.” To explain this, you can see the difference in two different law firms when filing 100 cases each.

Law firm A takes in 100 cases and files a lawsuit on three of them, the insurance company knows they have a tendency to avoid filing lawsuits and knows they can get the firm to settle for a low amount. On the contrary, law firm B will take in 100 cases and file 50-60 lawsuits. The insurance companies will recognize they are a fearless law firm who will press for what their client deserves and will put up a much greater fight. 

When looking to hire an attorney, ask the staff you speak with during your consultation what their lawsuit filing rate is. This should be an important metric for you to determine if someone will handle your case properly and actually fight for your full recovery rather than settling for a fraction of what you deserve.

Starting With Trust

Arguably one of the most important metrics to pay attention do is a law firm’s standings with the Better Business Bureau. Many personal injury law firms don’t bother with worrying about being in good standing and having a high rating in the eyes of the Better Business Bureau. You will notice some of the bigger law firms with mass media ads that hound you through your TV screens and billboards littering all across the state of Texas are not in the best standing with the BBB.

The Better Business Bureau takes all factors into consideration. The workplace environment, the client outreach, the integrity of the company, and the honesty of the services the company offers. Getting a rating across all of these metrics is incredibly helpful to the consumer in their decision-making process.

Need a Push in the Right Direction?

One of the top firms year to year for the last 30 years in Dallas is Reyes Browne Reilley. Our law firm has BBB accreditation with an A+ rating for over a decade. We also pride ourselves in having a close to 60% lawsuit filing rate so our clients are truly getting all the best that they deserve. To top it all off, each review you see on our website and other review sites is 100% authentic opinions of our firm from our previous clients. With our lawyers, you can trust you will receive the best. We will not even charge you a dime unless we win your case for you! Call us today to begin your road to recovery after your car accident with one of our legal professionals at (214) 526-7900.

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