Motorcycle Accidents in Texas

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reyes-blog-032513-300x310Texas is one of the most beautiful states for driving a motorcycle. With almost every kind of terrain and weather, wide open spaces, and long stretches of highway, you can pick and choose your riding scenery without ever having to cross the state. This is probably one reason that Texas has over 400,000 registered motorcycles.

Motorcycle accidents are a threat to bikers and passengers alike. If the bike slides on the road during bad weather, skids off the road during an evasive maneuver, or is hit by a car whose driver isn’t paying attention, head injuries and spinal damage can lead to expensive hospital bills, lifelong challenges and even death.

Although motorcycles may be fun to drive, they are extremely dangerous. In a 2011 report by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), there were 211,006 injured in motorcycle accidents in the last year. There were 5,970 serious injuries, and 479 fatalities caused by motorcycle accidents.

Over two-thirds of all Texas motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or death. Despite the high rates of accident fatalities caused by motorcycles, people still refuse to obey the law. 2,375 of the serious injuries, and 246 of the fatalities were not wearing helmets. 51% of the motorcyclists killed were not wearing helmets at the time of the crash.

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Deadly Statistics For Auto Accidents In Texas

Auto Accidents

reyes-blog-031113-300x225According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) FARS Data, Texas is the most dangerous state for drivers in the US with over 3,000 traffic related fatalities reported in 2011. Most of these drivers were between the ages of 25-34.

These are the top 4 causes of accidents in Texas:


Speeding is the #1 cause of auto accidents in Texas. This is a common statistic around the country. Although almost everybody exceeds the speed limit every once in awhile, driving while speeding reduces the drivers ability to react in time to stop an accident from occurring.

Driving Inattention:

This includes everything from texting while driving, to talking on the phone, eating, looking at a map or just not paying attention. Even if it’s just for a second, not paying attention to the road can cause serious and even fatal accidents.

Failure to drive in a single lane:

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the line on the road in bad weather conditions, or if the road markings are worn, however swaying in and out of your lane while driving can cause very serious accidents, especially if you are crossing out of your lane into oncoming traffic.

Failure to yield while turning left:

It is difficult to judge the distance and speed of oncoming traffic during a yield on left turn. Driver error that occurs when the driver is turning into oncoming traffic can lead to very dangerous situations. The drivers that are making the turn typically get the worst end of the deal with the full force of the impact into the side of their vehicles.

The Texas Department of Transportation has compiled a list of traffic crash highlights with some shocking statistics on traffic fatalities that occurred.

Deadliest month to drive:

April is the month with the most fatal traffic accidents in Texas. The weather has a lot to do with this. April showers bring May flowers, but it also brings slippery dangerous roads. Be especially careful driving during this time of the year.

Driving without Restraint:

Texas has established the “Click It or Ticket” campaign, however out of all the fatalities that were reported 46% of the people were not restrained.

Driving Intoxicated:

1,039 fatalities occurred because of the driver being intoxicated. This was 34.5% of the people killed in traffic accidents.

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Top Car Wreck Causes In USA

Auto Accidents

reyes-blog-022513-200x299Although automobile manufactures are always coming out with new and improved safety features, car accidents remain a leading cause of death and injury in the United States.

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic-Safety Administration), the amount of traffic accidents has slowly decreased in Texas, but on average there are about still about 3,300 fatalities a year in the Lone Star State alone. Surprisingly, at least 10% of those accidents involve drivers who are 16-20 years of age.

The main causes of most automobile accidents are drunk or distracted drivers. Despite all the public service announcements and growing awareness of the dangers of using cellular phones while driving, recent surveys show that most drivers are willing to risk others’ lives and their own to answer a call or text while behind the wheel. Texting increases the risk of having a car crash by a whopping 23%! For more information about distracted driving visit

The highest price we pay for these car crashes is the loss of human lives, but there are many non-fatal accidents that also incur huge costs. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) statistics for 2010 show that the cost of medical and productivity losses associated with car crashes was over $99 billion, or $500 per licensed driver in the US.

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