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Safe Driving Over The Long Term

Something drivers quickly come to understand is that there is something to be said for experience. Insurance companies charge higher premiums for younger drivers specifically because of this. If you’re a young male getting his license for the first time, don’t be surprised if you pay $100-$200 a month for insurance, or more.

Meanwhile, if you’re over twenty-five with a clean driving record, you can get a full policy on a motorhome for around $1k a year. While we’re on the age of twenty-five, it’s notable that this age is when you become able to rent a car. If you acquired a license at sixteen, by twenty-five you’ve had nine years of experience. This allows you to understand how people act behind the wheel, and how to be subconsciously aware of what goes on around you.

Even so, statistically, insurance companies like State Farm expect the average driver will get in an accident about every nineteen years or so—or at least, file a collision claim. Technically this could involve someone wrecking into your car while it was parked and you were elsewhere. The point is, if you drive until age seventy-three, beginning at age sixteen, the numbers say you’re likely to be in an accident at least three times.

If you’re thinking about being a safe driver, you need to consider how things are going to be “down the road”. In fact, fundamentally, this is the tactic which will help you become the best driver. You need to drive ahead of your vehicle. Years ahead if you can, but starting out, a few miles ahead.

Driving Ahead Of Yourself

You’ve got work at nine in the morning, it’s five miles away, how long will it take you to get there? You should time it out a few times when you drive it under average conditions so you know. You must consider traffic. It will ebb and flow given the time of day. It will be more or less dangerous, too. People in a hurry may not think so well. Certain intersections are going to have more congestion than others.

Driving a few miles down the road means keeping an eye on the egress of traffic in your municipality, or on the interstate you’re traveling down. With Google, this becomes easier to do than ever. “Smart” technology can really help you avoid traffic, anticipating it miles in advance and finding better routes. Just don’t check it while driving.

Additionally, you need to consider that your vehicle is going to break down eventually. You can keep it running indefinitely through proper maintenance and part replacement over time, but even if you’re always “on the ball” here, it won’t prevent you from getting a flat occasionally. You need to think of miles in terms of dollars, and budget accordingly.

When you budget for your vehicle, and the expense of its maintenance annually, it will help engender an attitude of conscientiousness in driving which helps you be safer. You’re a lot less likely to gun the engine when you understand that this could cost you a weekend in the very near future. A teenager doesn’t often have that perspective.

The Bigger Picture

You should expect the cost of driving a vehicle and keeping it in good condition to be around $3k a year, including insurance, repairs, tickets, and fees emanating from bureaucracy; like tagging, registration, etc.

When it comes to safe driving, it’s not all about in-the-moment traffic consideration. It’s also about the bigger picture. understands this reality, and offers some excellent tips for driving; check them here—according to the site, they offer: “Driving course information for new and experienced drivers.”

Having an attitude conducive to learning is one of the best ways to keep you as safe as possible on the road. Driving in one state differs broadly from driving in another—sometimes it’s legal to turn right on red, sometimes it’s not. Internationally, sometimes people drive on the other side of the road! One reality experience imparts to the wise is the realization that there is always room for learning.

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