10072014The Safety Institute released the results of a study conducted on the ET-Plus® guardrail system using crash data from Missouri and Ohio that shows the system is more likely to cause injury and death than prevent it.

In fact, in the past decade, several victims have filed lawsuits against the company for defective and unreasonably dangerous products, claiming the guardrails are causing more harm than help.

Victims such as Aaron Rausche, who was severely injured when his vehicle drifted off the road and was impaled, which caused severe damage to his legs. And Lisa Antonicelli, who had a seizure while driving on Highway 80 near Mesquite and hit a guardrail that tore through her car. She sustained major injuries that left her as a paraplegic.

Trinity has filed responses to all of the lawsuits and denied the allegations, citing that its’ system is federally approved for use.

Despite the recent revelation, a Texas Department of Transportation spokesman told local news stations that the state of Texas doesn’t plan to stop using the Trinity system, but will continue to monitor its performance to determine if further action is necessary.

In the meantime, drivers should take extreme caution to reduce the risk of needing to encounter the guardrail systems by remaining alert and focused on the roads at all times, such as getting enough sleep before driving, know your surroundings, and always keep your eyes on the road. A momentary lapse in concentration can lead to a devastating car accident.

Image courtesy myFoxDFW

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