Author: Angel Reyes  

Auto Accidents

txdot-text-drive-crash-300x199Everyone has heard that texting and driving is dangerous, but not many get just how dangerous sending or reading that one message can be to themselves and others. Even though it is still legal in many Texas cities, TxDOT has launched a campaign to show people the dangers of sending one simple text while behind the wheel.

The new campaign, “Talk, Text, Crash,” serves to raise awareness of the dangers presented when drivers put their eyes on their phones instead of on the road. Distracting driving has become a dangerous issue in the state of Texas. In 2013, distracted driving in Texas alone caused more than 95,000 crashes; many caused by drivers aged 16 to 24. In those crashes, 505 people were killed and nearly 20,000 sustained serious injuries.

Currently, only 38 cities in the state have made texting while driving illegal. TxDOT is pushing for a statewide ban on texting while driving. Their goal is to keep drivers safe, and they believe that by regulating texting throughout the state, it will make more drivers think twice before responding to a text.

TxDOT’s “Talk, Text, Crash” campaign features imagery and videos that show the dangers of texting while driving. From images of a crashed phone, to videos describing the aftermath of a car crash caused by texting while driving, the campaign is meant to shock drivers and show them that that one small text isn’t worth the damage it can

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