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Applying make-up while driving

All personal injury cases are unique, but they share one factor: The plaintiff must prove the defendant acted negligently, and that this negligence caused a specific injury. This is what some people like to call “determining someone at fault.”

This is easier to accomplish in certain cases, such as when an intoxicated driver causes an accident. In other situations, though, proving negligence may require substantial evidence and expert testimony.

What is considered driver negligence?

  1. Distracted driving
  2. Reckless driving
  3. Disobeying traffic laws
  4. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Distracted Driving

Drivers taking their eyes off the road even for a split few seconds can cause major consequences. A major collision can occur in that small time frame that someone isn’t paying attention to the road in front of them. 

Distracted driving is more than what most people consider it to be. It can be using a cell phone in any way, changing anything on the vehicle’s infotainment center, or even general consumption of foods and beverages. These all can cause you to become distracted enough to get into an accident. 

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving can be difficult to define. You know it when you see it. Someone might be speeding, erratically changing lanes, aggressively maneuvering through intersections are all habits that people exhibit reckless driving on a daily basis. The interesting fact is that it might actually be easier to prove negligence than reckless driving. 

Depending upon what the driver was doing at the time of the accident is all that matters. It does need to be included in the police report in order for the courts to determine the driver was negligent. They don’t necessarily need to violate a traffic law, but it definitely helps the cause for someone who was hit by a driver that was, in fact, driving with dangerous habits. 

Disobeying Traffic Laws

Every state in the United States has separate laws when it comes to traffic violations. From speed limits, to stop sign ordinances, everything will vary from state to state. It’s up to you to find someone that will understand the law and be able to help you when you believe the accident you were in was caused by someone else violating a traffic law.

It’s much easier to determine the other driver was at fault when they violate a traffic law. Once the fault has been determined, you need to call an experienced lawyer to make sure you get the full compensation you’re rightfully entitled to.


Drinking and driving is one of the most dangerous habits someone can exhibit. Drivers under the influence make up a very large amount of serious, and even fatal car accidents around the country. Courts will hold someone that has been consuming drugs or alcohol liable for the damages if a car accident should occur. 

Even if someone were to hit you and they had been consuming alcohol, you still may need a lawyer in order to help guide you through the process of filing a personal injury demand or lawsuit to their insurance company. 

Often times someone that was drinking and driving will act quickly and get a lawyer immediately to help protect their liability during the accident. Don’t allow their team of lawyers to diminish your right to compensation for your injuries and property damage. Call the Reyes Browne Reilley legal staff now to get the compensation you may be entitled to for your personal injuries. 

Have You Been in a Car Accident?

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