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Author: Angel Reyes  

Auto Accidents

Every year in the United States, millions of car accidents occur which result in catastrophic injuries and even death. Although these accidents may come without warning, there are several measures you can take to ensure the safety yourself and your loved ones.

The University of Buffalo conducted a study about the relation of crash-related fatalities and occupied seat location. The study found that the safest area of the car during a crash is in the back row. Passengers who are seated behind the front row are 59% to 86% safer than passengers in the front seat.

Often regarded as the least desired seat by passengers, the middle seat is actually the safest place to be in the event of a car crash. The person in the middle seat is 25% safer than the passengers to their right and their left. According to Dietrich Jehle M.D, lead author of the safety study, the extra elbow room and increased distance from points of impact make the middle seat the safest option.

“In rollover crashes there is potentially less rotational force exerted on the middle seat passenger than on those in the window seats.”

-Dr. Dietrich Jehle

Safety councils such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and American Academy of Pediatrics also suggest child cars booster seats be installed the middle seat.

Other important ways to minimize damage during a car accident are:

  • Avoid tensing up- tightened muscles are more likely to become injured when introduced to an outside force and may result in broken bones and serious injuries.
  • Secure your belongings- to avoid being injured by objects inside the vehicle, be sure to stow loose items in the trunk, back seat pockets, or secure compartments.
  • Avoid a secondary impact- if possible, after an impact move out of traffic and to the outside lanes.

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