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Angla shares her personal Reyes Browne Reilley experience, level of satisfaction with our staff, and gratification with our customer service while helping her recover from damages stemming from a car wreck in Dallas in this client testimonial.

“I’m Angela Morgan, and I was in an accident in February of 2016.

I was traveling, and I was t-boned by an SUV that flipped over, and both our cars were badly wrecked, but mine was totaled. I went to the emergency room, had some little aches and pains and stuff. Went to the emergency room to get checked out, had some little neck injuries and back injuries.

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garmin-black-copy-300x160The editorial board of the New York Times recently published a piece exposing the absurdity of the necessity for states to educate African-American drivers on how to survive being pulled over by police officers.

“For generations, African-American parents have borne a special burden in mentoring their teenage children as they begin driving, having to say, be calm and extra polite when stopped by the police, and do nothing unexpected that could get you killed.

It’s horrifying that any parent has to have that conversation. But racial profiling by the police is a reality, and in these days of repeated and sometimes fatal highway confrontations, captured by cellphone videos, such warnings can be a matter of life and death.

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Alexsi shares his personal Reyes Browne Reilley experience, level of satisfaction with our staff, and gratification with our customer service while helping him recover from damages stemming from a car wreck in Dallas in this client testimonial.

“Hi, my name is Alex and we got rear-ended, and I heard about you guys through a friend. So I looked you guys up on Google, and that’s how I contacted you guys the next day after we got rear-ended.

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According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, just shy of 6,000 pedestrians were killed in 2016 in traffic accidents, 11 percent higher from 2015 and 22 percent higher than 2014.

bigstock-people-travel-technology-le-134934635-300x200Each year about 2 percent of motor vehicle crash deaths are bicyclists. In a majority of bicyclist deaths, the most serious injuries are to the head, highlighting the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet.

A total of 817 bicyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles in 2015. This represents a 13 percent increase from 2014 and the highest number of bicyclist deaths since 1995.

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85 mph sign Reyes Browne ReilleySince the removal of the national maximum speed limit in 1995, most states have slowly increased speed limits across the country. Areas once restricted to 55 miles per hour now allow speeds up to 85 miles per hour. This large increase escalates the number and severity of crashes throughout the United States. Approximately 28 percent of crash fatalities in 2014 resulted from high-speed collisions. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, high speeds affect the number of crashes in three ways.

Less Reaction Time

As speed increases, a driver has less and less time to react to a hazard in the roadway. The human brain needs time to process the information before the person knows how to react. Though it may only take a few seconds to realize you must break or swerve, if you’re driving too fast you may not have time to react safely.

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texas-state-inspection-300x288After lengthy debate, the Texas Senate voted to do away with annual state vehicle inspections.

Lawmakers approved Senate Bill 1588 by a vote of 27-4 – dropping the current mandate for all personal vehicles to undergo annual state safety inspections.

The change, which would take effect in March 2018, changes a statewide policy imposed in 1951.

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Elevate-Transvaginal-Mesh-Lawsuit-300x200It was recently announced a Pennsylvania state jury has awarded a New Jersey woman a $20 million verdict for injuries she suffered after receiving a pelvic mesh implant made by Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

J&J and its Ethicon medical device division has accrued $34.5 million in punitive damages over its transvaginal meshes in the last 15 months.

Peggy Engleman of Cinnaminson, NJ, was awarded $2.5 million compensatory damages and $17.5 million in punitive damages following a three-week trial in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, the highest amount of punitive damages awarded so far among the transvaginal mesh cases heard in this court.

Published on: Bike Month is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and has been celebrated across the country since 1956.  The third week in May is designated Bike to Work Week and the third Friday of May is Bike to Work Day.

As part of National Bike Month, the Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm is encouraging to give biking a try, but more important, strongly inspiring motorists to watch for bicycles and educating motorists on the dangers of distracted driving and its effect on cyclist injuries and fatalities.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines, all bicyclists should wear properly fitted bicycle helmets every time they ride. A helmet is the single most effective way to prevent head injury resulting from a bicycle crash.

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Although April is coming to an end, and with it the end of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the time to evaluate our current efforts to change driving attitudes and habits should live on daily.

There are many advocates who travel from school to school educating teens on the dangers of distracted driving. Although these strategies have proven to be valuable in getting safe driving messages across, it has recently been discovered nothing may be more powerful in the fight than simply correcting the misperceptions about the numbers of teens who actually text and drive.

Social norms theory has been used to reduce risky teen behaviors in the context of drinking and tobacco use on college campuses. Essentially, social norms theory provides that the frequency with which a population engages in a risky behavior is generally over estimated and the frequency with which that population engages in the healthy behavior is underestimated.

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jetsons-1Dallas will be the first U.S. city to partner with Uber to help develop flying cars, or VTOL (vertical take off and landing) aircrafts.

The San Francisco-based ride-sharing company announced Tuesday that Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai will be the first two cities for the Elevate project. Uber’s chief product officer Jeff Holden made the announcement at a three-day conference held in downtown Dallas.

In a 98-page research paper, Uber envisions a future when people could turn hours-long, stop-and-go commutes between city centers and suburbs into a minutes-long flight. It imagines a fleet of small, electric aircraft that can take off and land vertically in suburbs at so-called vertiports.

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