If you find yourself in a car accident, there are a few things you should always do. First and foremost, check to ensure everyone is ok, including the other people who were involved in the accident. Then be sure that you and everyone else are out of danger and/or not putting others on the road in harm’s way. Call 911, even if no one is hurt, as you’ll want an objective witness who can take down the facts of the accident. Finally, it’s time to get a hold of a car accident lawyer.

Lawyers Collect Evidence Too

There really isn’t a lot of time to waste when contacting a car accident attorney. That’s why it’s something you should do while still on the scene. You want to give your lawyer as much time as possible to collect evidence as necessary. Even if you end up waiting until later that day or even the following one, the more time you can give them, the better.

Obviously, much of the physical proof will be cleaned up as soon as possible, though it should still be documented. Eyewitness reports will be taken too. However, these are both things that a lawyer wants to get to as soon as possible so that they can make sure nothing is missing. Furthermore, many of the questions a police officer will ask a witness are different from the kinds of inquiries a lawyer will have when investigating a case.

They Also Know How to Investigate

Along the same lines, lawyers often have their own investigative teams or are experienced in their abilities to research important facets of a case. This is not only why it’s important to give them as much time as possible to do so, but also why you should hire an attorney in the first place.

A car accident lawyer knows how to dig into the facts of the case, which can become essential when the other party or parties involved in the accident plan on holding you responsible. If you get in an accident with someone driving a vehicle in a professional capacity, you can bet that their company is going to have a number of lawyers doing the exact same thing on their behalf.

Who Is Truly Responsible?

Another reason it helps to hire a car accident attorney is because they understand that sometimes more than one party is responsible. Other times, it’s the least likely party that needs to be brought to justice. Again, in the case of a commercial driver, the vehicle may be owned by their employer. As such, their employer may be accountable for properly maintaining it, meaning they may be the responsible party if the accident was caused by a mechanical issue. Even the manufacturer of the vehicle or a company that makes parts for it could be taken to task.

Knowing When a Settlement Makes Sense

You can bet that when the other side knows you have an experienced Dallas car accident lawyer representing you, they’ll be far more open to settling. While this may not seem as good as winning the case, with the right attorney, you’ll still get a good payout and you’ll get it a lot sooner than with fighting a lengthy legal battle.

Getting You Your Money

Finally, when your case involves the insurance company, you may have to face the unfortunate truth that they don’t want to pay out sometimes. This is yet another reason it pays to have a car accident lawyer on your side. Insurance companies know these attorneys won’t quit until they get every cent owed.

Chances are you need a car accident lawyer, even if you weren’t injured. Don’t make the mistake of trying to pursue a lawsuit without their valuable experience on your side.