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The unmentioned and often forgotten victims of nearly every severe car accident: the passengers. Passengers in a car accident feel the exact same amount of pain while suffering from the same, and sometimes worse, injuries as the drivers themselves. While insurance companies and drivers fight out who was at-fault for the wreck, the passengers sit idly by and are more unsure of what to do to take care of their injuries after the wreck. This at-fault battle can make any scenario incredibly complicated when it comes to the passenger trying to receive the proper compensation.

Trusting in your driver to make sure you refrain from being in an accident should not be hard. As a passenger you typically have quite a few different options when filing a claim to receive compensation for the necessary treatment of your injuries. As the passenger, you do not need to worry about who is put at fault.

Who Has the Insurance Coverage Matters in a Passenger Accident

The only thing you must worry about is who has liability coverage. If the driver of the vehicle you were in at the time of the crash is put at-fault and you sustained injuries, you can file a claim with their insurance to receive compensation. If the other driver is at-fault for the accident but does not have insurance, you can still file a claim with the insurance of your driver. While there are some other specifics that need to be ironed out, your best and safest bet is to hire a Dallas car accident passenger attorney, specifically our attorneys at the Reyes Browne Reilley law firm.

Our lawyers are here to assure you your injuries as a passenger will rightfully receive compensation when you hire our firm. You have rights as a passenger injured in a car accident. We understand it may be intimidating to reach out to an attorney when it could potentially involve a lawsuit against someone you may know, but we are here to assure you your friend/family member will not be the direct target.

All claims of injuries go through insurance companies. You will not be receiving money directly from their pocket, but their insurance policy is what will cover you if they were to be placed at-fault for the accident.

Angel Reyes Helps Passengers Recover More

Over 30 years of experience we have helped thousands recover financial restitution for the wrongdoings of others. Negligence at the wheel should never go unpunished when it comes to any type of injuries whether it be mild or severe. Our firm takes pride in the success our clients see as a result of their abilities to be responsible and call us to truly help them get their lives back on the right path. Recovering from injuries can be hard but doing so while dealing with the insurance on your own is much harder.

Hiring our Dallas passenger injury attorneys makes the most sense for your next move following an accident. The injuries you are suffering from will not wait and will continue to fester until you receive proper treatment and we can help you seek that treatment and take care of all your paperwork and legal filings, as necessary. When you hire our firm, you hire an entire team to represent your case. A big bonus happens to be you do not have to pay our firm a single penny unless we win your case. Even then, we will take our share out of the settlement or jury verdict so you never pay us out of pocket and you will have your medical costs covered.

The unique vantage point we have after our many decades of experience is what allows us to know exactly what your case is worth when it comes to getting a promising and productive final amount of restitution. We put our foot down when it comes to the insurance while other attorneys will allow the insurance companies to push them around. With us, we do the pushing. You have our word we will recover whatever compensation is on the table for you. All you need to do to begin is give us a call to start a 100% free and confidential case evaluation with our legal staff. Time is of the essence when it comes to securing your full compensation. Call us immediately at (214) 526-7900.