Can Phone Records Prove the Driver Who Hit Me Was Texting and Driving? - Reyes Law Firm

You can obtain phone records with the help of a skilled car accident attorney to prove the other driver was texting and driving at the time of the accident. During the initial investigation phase of a car accident, some evidence may slip through the cracks. If you believe they may have been texting while they were driving which led to your car accident, the evidence will be in the phone records and must be preserved to help you rightfully claim what compensation you deserve for your injuries.

The process of obtaining medical records is made remarkably simple when you hire a skilled Dallas car accident lawyer. The reason being is you must draft and order a subpoena to be sent to the phone provider to obtain the records of the other driver’s phone. These records can definitively prove whether they were texting at the time of the accident and help solidify their actions as negligent, so their insurance company has no choice but to accept liability on behalf of your accident. Our team, including Angel Reyes, will ensure you are capable of receiving all you deserve.

Texting While Driving Isn’t Worth It

While more than 30% of all car accidents in Texas involve someone being distracted while they drive, their phone records are necessary to obtain if there is ever a question of who may be at fault for the accident. However, it is important to remember that even your phone records can be subpoenaed in the event you were thought to be texting and driving during the accident as well. The best choice you can ever make is to keep your phone put away while you are behind the wheel.

All drivers have a legal obligation to pay attention to the road at all costs. Protecting all others from potential harm is the number one responsibility of anyone behind the wheel. Texting while driving violates that responsibility which typically puts the individual directly at fault for the accident. Proving your injuries and damages are a direct result from the other individual who made the decision to text and drive is imperative to the viability of your injury claim.

If you have any other questions regarding texting and driving, or if you have been in an accident where you think the other party was texting and driving, call Angel Reyes’ staff today to have all your questions answered and your voice heard. Together, we can help you seek justice for the wrongdoing of another which left you in harm’s way resulting in injuries. Call us today at (214) 526-7900.