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Most people that do not practice law on a daily basis are unfamiliar with the phrase “statute of limitations.” However, it is quite simple to explain. The statute of limitations refers to a ticking clock from the moment an incident occurs, until a set deadline that revokes the right to file a lawsuit on behalf of that incident. Statute of limitations deadlines can vary based upon what type of incident the lawsuit pertains to.

In Texas, there is a statute of limitations for car accident injury claims. Typically, the statute of limitations for these types of incidents is two years from the date of the accident. It is the same for anyone even if they were driving, riding in a car, riding a motorcycle, a bicycle, a scooter, or even simply being a pedestrian on the side of the street. This is the exact same deadline time frame if you were to file a lawsuit for vehicle damage as well.

There are some exceptions that come into play when it comes to a car accident’s statute of limitations. For instance, if an individual died as a result of a car accident, the statute of limitations for their family members or other representatives to file a lawsuit for wrongful death resumes the day of the involved individual’s death.

For example, someone is in an accident in December. This person is not at fault but is in critical condition and placed on life support for months. This individual then passes away in February. The statute of limitations clock would have paused from the date of the accident until the date of the individual’s death. The family of the deceased can then file a lawsuit against the at-fault party’s insurance company up until two years from the date of the individual’s death. The pause only allows for up to a year of pause time between the date of the accident and the date of death in this scenario.

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