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After a car accident, which was not any fault of your own, you have two different options you can take to get your rental car covered. This all depends upon what coverage you have on your own insurance policy, but for the sake of this question, we will assume you have a renter’s reimbursement policy on your own car insurance. In either case, you are 100% entitled to receive a rental vehicle paid by either your own insurance or the liable party’s insurance.

Using your own policy

Using your own policy has its own set of pros and cons. Starting with the pros; getting a rental with your own policy is far easier and quicker to obtain your rental or replacement vehicle while yours is in the shop. This might be your best choice if you are in a pinch and need a vehicle at once. You do not have to wait for any red tape to use the services that you paid for in your premiums every month. However, most people fear that if they are not at fault and they use their own insurance that their insurance will hold it against them and decide to raise their rates. Fear not, for your insurance company will square-up the funds with the adverse company on their own once your rental car claim with the liable insurance reaches an approval.

Contrarily, there are a few hiccups that come along with having your own insurance take over the bill for your rental or replacement car. Your own rental insurance holds you to your own policy allowances. This means you may only be able to rent a vehicle for their $30 a day rate which may not get you the vehicle you want or a comparable vehicle to your own current car that is in the shop. Another issue that arises is the duration of your rental. Your policy may only allow for a month’s worth of a rental vehicle and it may take longer to fix your vehicle, or it may take longer to find a new vehicle in the event the insurance declares yours a total loss.

Using the Negligent Party’s Insurance

When you begin to hold the negligent party accountable and utilize their insurance policy, it’s usually obvious that you will be waiting on a lot of red tape. Overall, it will be worth the wait for their insurance adjuster to clear you for your rental claim. The reason being is it allows you to have more freedom in your choices and the duration of your rental.

The adverse insurance rightfully owes you a comparable vehicle to what you were driving. Also, you can use that rental for as long as it takes for you to get your car repaired or until you find a new car of your choosing. This may take a few weeks to receive the rental/replacement, however, it is going to make life a little easier later if you can stand to be patient.

It is wise to use the time it takes to clear the red tape with the opposing insurance to treat any and all injuries you suffered during the wreck. While you have time off from work to recover, have your claim for a rental filed with the opposing company’s adjuster. In the meantime, continue with your rehabilitation and recovery process in peace.

Need More Help With Your Car Rental Questions?

In the end, all these options are dependent upon what will work for you and the insurance policies at hand. If you have any more questions or need help getting a rental car after your wreck, call our Dallas car wreck attorneys now for a complimentary consultation. The adverse insurance company is working to minimize your claim as you read this. While they mount their defense, you could be hiring the best car accident injury attorneys to take handle every need of yours after your wreck.

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