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GM-HQ-300x198Car manufacturing company General Motors has recently come under fire for yet again recalling millions of vehicles for faulty parts. The most recent recall is for roughly 8.4 million vehicles to fix faulty ignition switches, including models made as far back as 1997. The latest recalls was brought on by three additional fatalities caused by the faulty switches. This latest recall makes a total of 28 million vehicles recalled by GM in the past year.

The models in GM’s latest recall have been connected to three fatalities, eight injuries and seven crashes. Their previous recall was brought on by the report that 13 fatalities had occurred due to GM’s faulty parts. In a statement made on Monday June 30, GM said the three latest deaths occurred in GM vehicles that were being recalled but it was unclear whether or not the ignition switches had been the cause of the accidents.

After receiving reports of faulty parts, GM released a statement that they underwent the most comprehensive safety review in the history of the company. GM CEO Mary Barra, who took on the role in early January just before GM disclosed the first round of recalls, has stated she plans to act immediately to any issues with any of their vehicles and keep the safety of GM customers as the top priority.

GM is working to compensate any and all affected by their recalls, even hiring victims’ compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg to calculate what is owed to each victim based on the number of those affected, each victim’s demographic (age, income, kids or no kids, marital status, etc), and how each victim was affected (death and/or injury and severity). Feinburg has stated that he knows no amount of money will ever cover the loss of a loved one, but at this point it is the most GM is able to do.

With approximately 28 million cars recalled in the last year, it is likely you or someone you know has been affected in some way. GM has released a document stating which vehicles and model years are being recalled. Anyone with a GM manufactured vehicle should carefully look over the document to ensure his or her car is not listed. To learn if your car is recalled, visit the GM recall center and type in your Vehicle Identification Number here: GM Recall VIN Tool. If GM notifies you that your car has been recalled, they will notify you when parts are available and to contact your nearest GM dealer to arrange a service appointment. GM is warning all drivers of affected vehicles to remove all items from their key rings in the meantime, including the key fob. Additionally, GM urges drivers to always check that an affected vehicle is in park, including setting the parking brake at all times.

If your vehicle is being recalled by GM and you have been in an accident due to the faulty part, contact the experienced DFW product liability attorneys of Reyes Browne Reilley immediately so we can ensure you take the right course of action to get what is owed to you by GM.

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