Pre-Existing Car Accident Conditions: What You Should Know

When you’re involved in a car accident, pre-existing conditions can significantly impact your claim. Let’s examine the nuances of how pre-existing health issues intersect with car accident claims and clarify how these conditions are evaluated and compensated.

Key Terms to Know Regarding Pre-Existing Car Accident Conditions

When considering compensation for pre-existing conditions in car accident cases, knowing the following legal terminology is helpful.

  • Compensation: In personal injury law, compensation refers to the monetary recovery awarded to an individual who has suffered harm due to someone else’s negligence. It aims to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.
  • Pre-Existing Condition: Any medical issue that existed before a car accident is considered a pre-existing condition. Common examples include back injuries, arthritis, or chronic pain. In many cases, a pre-existing condition will influence a compensation claim.
  • Aggravation of Pre-Existing Conditions: Unlike a new injury, a car accident aggravated pre-existing condition refers to worsening a medical issue you already had due to the accident. For instance, someone with a previous back injury may experience intensified pain or reduced mobility post-accident.
  • Proving Aggravation: Demonstrating the aggravation of a pre-existing condition is crucial. This typically requires medical evidence, such as MRI scans or doctor’s reports, showing the condition’s escalation post-accident. Expert testimony from medical professionals can also be pivotal in establishing the link between the accident and the aggravated condition.
  • Comparative Negligence: This legal concept involves determining the degree of fault of each party involved in an accident. It can affect the amount of compensation you may receive, as it considers any role the injured party might have played in causing the accident or contributing to their injury.
  • Settlement Negotiation: Negotiating a car accident settlement with pre-existing conditions requires careful consideration of the accident’s impact on the condition. Settlement discussions in such cases often hinge on the severity of the aggravated condition and its long-term implications. Both parties, often through their attorneys, negotiate a settlement that fairly compensates for the aggravation of the pre-existing condition, considering medical costs, pain and suffering, and other relevant factors.

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