What Percentage of Personal Injury Cases Go to Trial?

When pursuing a personal injury claim, you may wonder, “What percentage of personal injury cases go to trial?” The reality is that most personal injuries are settled outside the courtroom. The Department of Justice reports that approximately 3% go to trial

Various factors influence whether a case will be settled or go to trial, including:

  • Strength of evidence: A strong case backed by solid evidence is more likely to settle before going to trial.
  • Negotiation skills: Effective negotiations between both parties and solid legal representation can often lead to settlements, eliminating the need for a trial.
  • Severity of the case: More severe or complex cases, such as wrongful death or catastrophic injury claims, may be more likely to go to trial.
  • Insurance company policies: Some insurance companies are more inclined to settle, while others may prefer to litigate.
  • Willingness of both parties: A settlement is more likely if both parties are open to compromise.
  • Legal counsel: The quality and strategy of legal representation can also influence whether a case goes to trial.

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