5 Leading Causes of Car Crashes in Texas

 With its large population, Texas unsurprisingly sits at the top of the list in the total number of traffic accident fatalities. It saw 4,480 traffic fatalities in 2021, topping the list. Here are some of the top causes of accidents in Texas.

It was in the top ten in the fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Below are some statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation that highlight the most common causes of accidents in Texas.

1. Not Following the Speed Limit

In 2020, driving at an unsafe speed was the biggest contributing factor to car accidents in the state of Texas. 140,958 crashes occurred that year due to either driving too fast or too slow. Out of those, 1,272 were fatal, while 49,890 resulted in serious injuries.

2. Reckless & Distracted Driving

Reckless & distracted driving has also contributed to a number of vehicle accidents in Texas. There are many ways in which an accident of this type can occur, such as: failing to yield, tailgating, evasive action, disregarding stop signs or lights, and phone usage.

3. Maintaining or Changing Lanes

Maintaining or changing lanes has caused a whopping 77,202 car accidents on Texas roads. This comes from changing lanes without checking for oncoming vehicles, swerving into other lanes, or using passing lanes unsafely.

4. Driving Under the Influence

Driving while intoxicated has caused a total of 26,418 car crashes in Texas in 2020 alone. While it is not the biggest factor in contributing to car accidents, it is one of the deadliest at 1,162 fatalities.

5. Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving can be counted as road rage, cutting off other vehicles, or blocking others from passing. In Texas, this has caused 20,376 crashes in 2020, and the numbers, unfortunately, keep rising.

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