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Often referred to as “The Bubble of Dallas” University Park is home to one of the most tranquil and quiet municipalities in all of Texas. Quite possibly one of the best cities for parks and scenic views in all of the Dallas area.

Located right in the north-central heart of Dallas, University Park boasts some of the most beautiful housing in the area. However, even paying the high prices for the beautiful houses doesn’t ensure that you’re completely safe when it comes to commuting.

University Park isn’t immune to having car accidents occur just about every day. Quite a few of these accidents do in fact result in quite serious injuries. Injuries like these can turn to be in “the bubble” into a nightmare if you continue to suffer from them without getting them treated like you should. Most people don’t like taking time off from work in order to take care of their health.

Well, we’re here to tell you that you can take time off, you can keep putting money into your savings account, rather than taking it out. We will find the means of taking care of your financials surrounding your injuries from the car accident you didn’t cause. Our auto accident attorneys at law in Dallas that represent Reyes Browne Reilley law firm are the best in the business at what they do. Focusing solely on personal injury law gives us the best ability to serve to your needs as best as anyone can.

With 30 years of experience, each of our lawyers is going to be able to tell you exactly what your case is worth based on your medical bills, wages lost, and level of pain and suffering. This means that you’ll never have to lose out on money because someone else was negligent on the roads and you became the victim to their antics.

Rather than handling your property damage claims, we’re focused mainly on your health. We can assist you with your property damage claims, but we’re not one to peek into things we’re not experts on so we can recommend you find the best experts on pricing the scale of your property damage while we focus on your physical, mental, and emotional anguish.

We know exactly what your case is worth and where the Texas state insurance minimums threshold lies. So, if your property damage claims a good portion of that insurance threshold amount, we’re here to help you squeeze the rest of the funds from the insurance company that you’re rightfully entitled to.

Don’t continue to allow yourself or your loved ones to suffer from someone else’s mistake. You don’t deserve to deal with that kind of struggle when it wasn’t your fault to begin with. Living in the northern heart of Dallas, it’s bound to happen to a large portion of the population. Especially when the accident rates are skyrocketing.

Give the best car accident lawyers in DFW a call today to set up your 100% free consultation and we can get started on your case. If we don’t obtain your recovery, you don’t pay us any sort of fees whatsoever. But with a 98% success rate, we feel very confident that you won’t have to worry about us not accomplishing our objective. Give us a call today at (214) 526-7900.