Van Alstyne Car Accident Lawyers - Reyes Browne Reilley

Perched between McKinney and Sherman, you’ll find the small town with loads of history and excitement surrounding their Friday night football livelihood. Van Alstyne, Texas is also known for being a certified retirement community. The peace and tranquil small town are perfect for anyone to live, whether it be a young professional, or a retiring couple.

Whether you be an older or younger member of this city, it seems one thing stays constant in this small town. Being so close to two bigger cities, it gives the community’s citizens the opportunity to travel to the different markets for additional activities or employment options.

These added trips prove to be contributions to the unfortunate rise in car accidents. Especially at a high rate of speeds on the busy highways. These accidents typically call for far more injuries than one small town would consider comfortable.

Fallen victim to someone else’s mistakes on the road? Feeling as if you’re struggling with medical bills and lost wages? Well the DFW auto accident attorneys are here to help you at the law firm of Angel Reyes and Associates. Our lawyers are the best in the business and not only help Van Alstyne, but all of the great state of Texas.

We proudly and truthfully boast a 98% case victory rate over the course of nearly three decades. Our work in helping thousands of our client’s recovery billions of dollars from the insurance companies that continue to play games with the general public is incredibly rewarding. We focus solely on our client’s best interest from start to finish so they can focus on their own health and recovery.

While you are worrying about your recovery, our extremely proficient attorneys will be:

  • Examining and investigating the accident with a fine-tooth comb.
  • Enlisting in witnesses and highly respected medical professionals to testify on your behalf.
  • Reviewing your case on a daily basis to ensure things are being done in the proper amount of time, any time something needs to be completed, it will be completed.
  • Tenaciously pursuing your maximum compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and property damage. (If your property damage is being stalled)

Why do we work with personal injury over property damage? We focus on personal injury because it seems that’s where more injustices are served after car accidents. Most consumers can handle their insurance companies with their claims for their damaged vehicles. However, it typically takes someone who is experienced in practical law to work with personal injury. We’re here to help the common consumers who are tired of the insurance runarounds.

You as our client are our number one priority. We want to see you go from your unfortunate accident to being better than before. So, we work tirelessly in pursuit of your maximum compensation. Few, if any, other law firms have gone to court more for their clients than we have over the past three decades. We pride ourselves on0 being all-in on each and every one of our clients.

Don’t wait too long to start your case and return to the prominent fast track to recovery after your car accident. We’re here 24/7 for you to contact with anything regarding your potential case at (214) 526-7900.