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One of the largest cities in not only Texas but all of America is Fort Worth. Fort Worth has a historic past and bright future ahead of itself. The entire city has amazing nightlife and is still rooted deep into the traditional Texas values that all the citizens have known and loved their entire lives. From the stockyards to all the local microbreweries flooding into the city, there is plenty to do for all those that come within the city limits.

One problem Fort Worth faces is the mass amount of population increases in recent years. This is because Fort Worth is directly attached to another very prominent and large city. Dallas is a quick hop, skip, and a jump away from Fort Worth. This makes traveling exceedingly difficult on highways, interstates, and all backroads. The overflow of traffic has been causing a large number of truck wrecks in recent history. Truck wrecks that happen in this city can prove to be deadly. When tragedy strikes you and your family, you need an experienced professional to help you.

These problems you will be facing after a truck wreck can have severe injuries, medical bills piling up, or even death of a loved one. Should you have to endure these sufferings, you must reach out to the expert Dallas-Fort Worth truck accident attorneys for help with navigating your claim and a potential lawsuit. Our attorneys here at the Angel Reyes and Associates law office are fully equipped to handle anything you can throw at them. Having been in business for three decades, we have seen it all.

Accumulating a 98% success rate which far exceeds our competition, we proudly wear our successes on our sleeves because we love adding to them. Our competitive nature and tenacious litigating attitude give us the edge you need in getting the maximum compensation for your injuries from the insurance company.

Insurance companies will do anything they can to protect their profits. Even if you were not at fault, they will turn the tides on a police report or withhold evidence to paint a picture against your right to file a claim. We have seen this firsthand and refuse to allow it to ever happen to any of our clients that hire our services.

When you hire our attorneys, we work for you. What this means is that you are in charge of your case. Whatever you decide to do we can carry out on your behalf. We will recommend what will be the best course of action, but you are the one that controls our team based on the advice we give you. This also means we will give you the correct advice because we know what will happen ahead of time. For nearly 30 years we have been able to predict accurately how a case will end with very little error.

To top it all off, you do not pay us unless we win for you. We will not even charge a consultation fee to start your case out. From setting you up with a treatment plan for your injuries to the decisive moments of the verdict of your case, we handle it all on a contingency fee basis. You have nothing to lose. Call us now at (214) 526-7900 to begin your journey to your rightful compensation today.