How Do I Dispute A Police Report?

Accident reports contain a lot of valuable information, that as your attorneys, we use in order to build your case. A police report contains vehicle information, the damage, the position of the vehicles, and which car is considered at fault. Though it is rare, a police report can sometimes have the wrong information. If you believe that the corresponding police report to your accident contains the wrong information, here is how to dispute it.

There are several reasons you might feel compelled to dispute the police report, but know that it is not an easy process. However, we are here to guide you on whether disputing a police report will be a process worth taking.

1. If facts about the accident are wrong

If the police report states the wrong location, street name, insurance info, or vehicle info, it is essential to get these fixed as quickly as possible. Because these are undisputable facts, it is relatively easy to change them. Call the responding police department and provide them with the supporting documentation, and they’ll be able to issue a new police report with the correct information.

2. If you disagree with the finding of the police report

This process is a bit tricky. If you disagree with the finding of the police report, i.e., on which vehicle the fault is placed, there has to be solid evidence to prove otherwise. Some examples of credible evidence would be dash cam footage from surrounding/involved vehicles, witness statements, or security camera footage from surrounding businesses. Your word alone will not be enough to persuade the responding police department to change the police report, so you need to prepare supporting evidence beforehand.

If these facts apply to you

Call your Dallas car accident lawyer, and we’ll advise you on your next steps. We don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time, so we’ll tell you straight whether you should attempt to change the police report.

Have you or someone you know been wrongly injured?

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