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Auto Accidents

A suspected drunk driver led deputies on a high-speed chase with four children passengers in his truck. Early Sunday morning in Houston, Harris County Sheriff’s Office stated a DWI unit noticed the truck driving recklessly around 1:30 a.m. on the Beltway. The thirteen mile chase ended peacefully on Corporate Drive where deputies said they found four children ranging in ages from infant to 8-years-old. Authorities did not know the children were inside the vehicle as they chased the truck in southwest Houston. The motorist is now facing potential DWI and child endangerment charges.

The Circumstances of Speeding

In a high-speed car crashes – as speed accelerates – airbags and seat belts cannot keep up and hold a passenger safely. Speed influences the risk of the crash and the injuries sustained in three basic ways:

  • By the time the motorist reacts, they have already traveled closer to the hazard.
  • The motorist must break harder.
  • The impact itself is more destructive.

It takes a motorist traveling sixty miles per hour approximately sixty seconds to travel one mile. Furthermore, it takes a motorist traveling sixty miles per hour approximately six seconds to reach a stop. However, the stopping distance depends on several circumstances:

  • The motorist’s perception time.
  • The motorist’s reaction time.
  • The motorist’s vehicle reaction time.
  • The motorist’s vehicle braking capability.

Driving on the Safe Side

Although it is popular amongst motorists to do, it is not legal to speed even in the event that the driver is keeping up with the flow of traffic. A cop may still ticket someone for going above the speed limit. Furthermore, a motorist should always drive to conditions. Consider road conditions, weather, and road design, and slow down when surroundings change.

Remember: it is easier to lose traction when speeding. Taking a curve at a high center of gravity while speeding makes it easier for the vehicle to roll over as well.

Back Seat Driver

Do not be afraid to speak up as the passenger of a vehicle. Of course it is important to be considerate, so don’t cause added pressures or anxiety! But, also understand that it is your job to help the driver keep both eyes on the road. Speeding is dangerous and can be costly. It is okay to kindly let the driver know if the speed limit has changed during the duration of the trip, as well as help them look for dangers on the road.

It’s the motorist’s responsibility to keep everyone on the road safe, but especially their own passengers. Reckless driving is against the law and is defined in Texas as “driving a vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property,” according to the Texas Transportation Code, Section 545.401.

Your 5-Star Rated Truck Lawyer

Reckless or negligent driving is completely unwarranted. Whether you are the passenger in someone’s car, or another motorist on the road, the safety of others is always top priority. If you or someone you care about has been in a truck collision caused by the negligent or reckless behavior of another motorist – you need a lawyer. Contact Angel Reyes – Reyes Browne Reilley for a 100% free consultation. Tap to call us or submit a form here now.

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