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Spring is here, so it’s time to watch out and share the road with motorcycles. As we begin to transition between winter and spring, our two-wheel enthusiasts are breaking out their gear and heading back out onto the roadways. Motorcycles are inherently risky in traffic, but in the hands of an experienced rider, they’re safe… So long as the cars and trucks around them know how to act reasonably.

Watch Out

Maybe you have a history or experience on a motorcycle and appreciate the discipline behind riding on the road. Maybe your parents drilled the dangers of what can happen when a novice rider makes a mistake in traffic into your head. Whatever the case may be, it is important for other motorists on the road to be cognizant of our two-wheeled friends.

Motorcyclists do not have the protection of a car around them, so do them a favor and think ahead. You may be someone who feels like motorcyclists always “come out of nowhere” – that’s because they accelerate much quicker and occupy much less space in your field of view.

According to Driving Tests, here are some ways to avoid a collision with a motorcycle:

  • Always check your blind spots.
  • Be extra cautious when passing.
  • Remember motorcycles react more quickly than cars.
  • Windy conditions can make it more difficult for motorcyclists to control their bikes, but other weather conditions may reduce your own visibility and cause motorcycles to be difficult to see.
  • Increase your following distance to help riders stay safe after dark.
  • Stay in your lane – never try to share a single lane with a motorcycle. Not only is it likely to cause an accident, but it is also illegal.
  • Inform motorcyclists of your intention to turn.
  • Always follow the safety protocol for intersections every single time – come to a complete halt, view and obey posted traffic signs and signals, look both ways for approaching traffic, and proceed cautiously.
  • Watch for turning motorcycles.
  • Take a second look for left-turns

Remember that there is no such thing as a fender-bender for motorcycles. Most multi-vehicle accidents involving motorcycles cause serious or fatal injuries to the riders.

Angel Reyes – Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Ultimately, both parties must be responsible for everyone to stay safe on the road. You might not think of it if you’re a motorist with no motorcycle experience, but sharing the road safely with motorcycles requires a little extra consideration. Being a responsible driver always saves lives.

If you or a loved one have been in a motorcycle wreck due to someone else’s reckless driving, you need an experienced lawyer with expertise in representing motorcycle injury victims. Our personal injury attorneys take into consideration the many different aspects of how any collision could impact your life physically and mentally. If you or a loved one has been in a car accident, contact us immediately for a 100% free consultation. Tap the green button to call or submit a form here now.

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