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Angel Reyes – Reyes Browne Reilley is here to remind everyone to keep their eyes open and hands on the wheel to handle springtime driving hazards. Let’s enjoy these longer days with sunshine and blooming buds. As everything begins to feel fresh and new again, don’t let your guard down on the road.

Weather to Prepare for

The nature of Spring brings on the risk of flood and other dangerous weather conditions. We’ve all heard it before – Turn Around, Don’t Drown when you see flood potential in low-elevation areas. Knowing the risks can help you take action to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Spring showers are all too common to avoid. Too often, it is nearly impossible to bypass driving in certain weather conditions. So instead of avoiding water altogether, learn to get a little more comfortable with it and master driving in the rain. Safe driving in a rainstorm looks like turning your headlights on, driving slowly, and giving other vehicles more space. Remember, just a little water combined with oil on the road can make for slippery conditions.

In the event of hail, it is best not to drive. But if you’re already on the road, pull over and seek shelter to wait it out.

Spring Activities

Look out for pedestrians and bikers! Once Spring starts teasing us with its arrival, everyone is ready to enjoy the weather. This means increased motorcycles, bicycles, and foot traffic on roads and shoulders. Keep your eyes open and alert for others, and be particularly careful in areas with children!

What’s more, many animals are coming out of hibernation. If you see an animal on or near the road, slow down and prepare to stop. Resist any urge to swerve. Since many of us in Texas also live in rural areas – be on high alert during dusk when most critters tend to be active.

Vehicle Upkeep

Being alert is not the only way to get ahead of springtime driving hazards. Preparing for spring also means getting your car back in tip-top shape. If both you and your vehicle are prepared for the weather, you’ll be better able to keep yourself and your family safe. Spicer Drivetrain Products mentions some great ways to get your car in prime condition:

How to get your car ready for Spring:

  • Wash your car: Treating roads with salt and sand is common in the winter months. However, salt is corrosive and causes rust.
  • Look for rust: Treat signs of rust immediately. Look for little brown stains or specks, a bubble in the paint or wet floorboards. Small rust spots may be treated by sanding them down to the metal and treating with primer and paint.
  • Replace wiper blades: Winter proves hard on your wiper blades. They’ve been cutting through icy build-up the past several months. Replacing the blades ensure they’re in top condition when the first storm hits. Don’t forget to check your windshield fluid!
  • Check your lights: Driving in rain means visibility is greatly reduced. Having good working lights helps you see in these hazardous conditions, and makes you more visible to other vehicles. Be thorough – Check your headlights, taillights, backup lights, turn signals, parking lights, and brake lights.
  • Pay attention to your tires: Cold temperatures and harsh weather also wears at your tires and may deflate them. Maintain your tires by checking for proper inflation, a good tread, and straight alignment. Don’t forget about your spare tire, too!
  • Test your brakes: Your brakes were also given a good workout throughout the winter season. Make sure they’re in good condition by checking brake fluid, pads, and rotors so they’re ready to protect you when you need them.

Bad Weather Car Accident Attorneys

Texans have a habit of thinking we’re more invincible than we actually are as human beings. And, regardless of the weather, people all over America are in a rush to get where they need to go. Your average commuter doesn’t take into consideration the added time it should take you to get from point A to point B during a storm. With all this in consideration, there are many reasons why driving in poor weather conditions can cause a weather-related car accident.

When people do not take mother nature seriously, consequences can arise, and they can be extremely dangerous. Should you or a loved one suffer injuries from a hydroplaning car, motorcycle, or truck accident caused by another, you need to contact Angel Reyes – Reyes Browne Reilley. Tap the green button above to call us, or submit a form here.

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