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Auto Accidents

First responders were arriving on the scene of a gas station in Slidell, Louisiana after Arthur Bates, Jr. spoke with a 911 dispatcher explaining he was struck by a Tesla. Bates was at a local gas station in Slidell when he decided it was a good idea to throw himself behind the electric vehicle as the driver was reversing. Bates was claiming back, leg and neck injuries from the accident, informing first responders that the Tesla had hit-and-run from the scene. The 47-year-old male openly admitted to his scheme when he learned of the self-functioning vehicle’s 360-degree camera.

Hit and Runs

Hit and run accidents in Texas are a very serious criminal offense. If a driver causes and accident and flees the scene, the police will interview witnesses, investigate that scene and look for video footage from any nearby security cameras that may offer some assistance in filling the gaps. Law enforcement will do just about everything they can to track down the driver that fled. Nowadays, technology is making this task easier on law enforcement to carry out.

What To Do

The first priority after any collision or accident is to make sure everyone is safe. If your vehicle is struck while you are inside, move to a safe place as quickly as possible. Gathering all the information possible about the vehicle and the driver is of the utmost importance. The more information provided to the police, the more likely they are to track the driver down.

  1. Physical description – Make and Model of the car.
    1. Identifying details and marks on the car.
    2. License plate number.
    3. Exact location.
  2. Physical description of the driver.

Individuals who discover their vehicle was damaged while parked should take the same steps as if they were present at the time the vehicle was hit.

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