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Scott K. shares his Reyes Browne Reilley experience with our Dallas, TX staff of professional car accident lawyers while helping him recover damages after being hit by a car while on his bicycle.

My name is Scott, and in April of 2015 I was involved in an accident while I was riding my bike in McKinney, Texas. I was hit by a lady who I think wasn’t paying attention, and she hit me from the side. Went to the hospital, was banged up, had a pinched nerve and things like that. And so the insurance company didn’t really want to deal with me, so that’s when I called Spencer and put him on the case so to speak. And it’s taken a while to get through, I think mainly because of the insurance company, but fortunately we got everything worked out, and got a settlement that I think was favorable to everybody involved. Maybe not the insurance company, but favorable to myself and Spencer.

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Injured Employee Sues Aveanna Healthcare For Ignoring Their Cries For Help - Reyes Browne ReilleyJoellyn Swope works as a home health services provider in the Houston area. One of her patients was in a semi-comatose state, and “lacked conscious control over her physical movement,” according to Swope. She was assisting this immobile patient by herself, with no other coworkers in the home.

Swope noticed that she was having problems lifting the patient by herself. She voiced these concerns to her employer, Epic Health Services, Inc. DBA Aveanna Healthcare. However, instead of finding a solution to help Swope successfully help the patient,  Aveanna Healthcare reprimanded her for “criticizing the patient’s weight,” as stated in the original petition.

On May 14th, 2017, Swope was attempting to physically lift her patient when the patient’s weight shifted, causing them to roll onto Swope’s wrist. Due to the patient’s inability to control their physical movements and Swope’s difficulty lifting the patient alone, Swope’s wrist became hyper-extended, resulting in injury. According to the Harris County District Court, on March 4th, 2019 Swope filed a lawsuit against her employer for ignoring her complaints concerning her safety while administering incontinence care. As the plaintiff, Swope is seeking unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

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Record Breaking — Highest Pedestrian Death Count in Almost 30 Years - Reyes Browne Reilley
2018 brought the highest count of U.S. pedestrian deaths in nearly 30 years — since 1988. According to data from the Governors Highway Safety Association, there were an estimated 6,227 pedestrians deaths last year.

Transportation Safety Experts are attributing this rise in fatalities to the modern trend of optimizing highway construction to raise the maximum speed of commuting vehicles. Another factor is the shift in the types of vehicles on the road. Sedans and passenger cars are being replaced with trucks and SUVs, according to the GHSA study. These types of vehicles are heavier than smaller vehicles, and can cause more injury to pedestrians while driving at the same speed.

                “We’re killing way too many pedestrians. This has got to be a high priority,”                                    —Jonathan Adkins, executive director of GHSA

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Cheri H. shares her Reyes Browne Reilley experience with our Dallas, TX staff of professional slip and fall lawyers while helping her recover damages after being injured in a slip and fall incident.

“My name is Cheri H. Last year I went in to PLS to go get a money order and it was raining that night but I walked in there and ended up slipping and falling in a puddle and I broke my hand. Didn’t even realize I broke my hand because I had never broken anything before. It wasn’t until I called my dad, he was like “If you can’t make a fist, you broke your hand.” Low and behold, I broke my hand. I happened to be talking to some of my customers at work and one them suggested Reyes; Angel Reyes III.

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For the third year in a row, there have been more than 40,000 traffic deaths throughout the United States. Although this number is startlingly high, there has been a slight downward trend over the past two years.

In 2017, the traffic death toll of 40,231 decreased by slightly less than 1% compared to 2016’s count of 40,327. The National Safety Council reports that 2018 is down another 1% with an estimated 40,000 traffic fatalities.

Annual Motor Vehicle Fatality Estimates - NSC
According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic deaths began dropping in 2008 and reached their lowest point in six decades in 2011 at 32,000. Experts suggest that this low point was a result of the recession, and as the economy started to bounce back, so did the number of cars on the road. Not only were American adults driving more, but so were the unexperienced teens. Additionally, more people were engaging in riskier behavior such as going out on weekends and taking lengthier road trips to new places.

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Increasing Popularity of E-Scooters Leads to More Accidents - Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm
Whether you’re driving or walking through the city, you are sure to pass by a row of Bird or Lime Scooters parked on the sidewalk. While they offer convenience to the everyday commuter, they are also responsible for an increase in rider and pedestrian accidents across the country. The Journal of the American Medical Association has released their study on e-scooters in the Southern California area, and their findings are shocking.

UCLA researchers found that more than 249 people had been treated for these accidents at both Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Barbara between August 2017 and September 2018. Only 10 of these patients had been wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Just last year, California Governor Jerry Brown passed legislation that loosened safety regulations and removed the helmet requirement for riders over the age of 18. Though wearing helmets can offer protection for the rider, it may not be enough. According to Dr. Fredrick Rivara, injury control researcher, “there are no data on whether bicycle helmets would provide adequate protection against serious (traumatic brain injury) for these motorized devices, which can attain higher speeds that would be achieved by most bicyclists on flat roads.”

We are also seeing an increase in scooter-caused pedestrian accidents, mostly with the disabled and elderly who have a much more difficult time avoiding oncoming riders. Wally Ghurabi, medical director of the Nethercutt Emergency Center at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, has seen many of these pedestrians come in with “broken hips, multiple bone fractures, broken ribs, joint injuries, and soft tissue injuries from lacerations and deep abrasions.”

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fyre festival fiasco - Reyes Browne Reilley
Flying to the Bahamas for what was advertised as an “experience of a lifetime” quickly became a disastrous and potentially dangerous situation — one that would be known as one of the greatest scams of the decade. The biggest takeaway from this PR nightmare? Things are not always as they seem.

The Fyre Festival, created by Billy McFarland and rapper Ja-Rule, had been heavily marketed through numerous social media channels and captivated millennials with lofty promises of famous attendees, gourmet food, unforgettable musical performances, top of the line accommodations- all taking place on a private island previously owned by Pablo Escobar. After paying upwards of $200,000 for tickets, guests flew out to Great Exuma, Bahamas to find a “refugee-like” environment filled with half-built hurricane tents, rain-soaked mattresses, no medical personnel, and barely any food to share amongst the guests. Even after Fyre Festival was cancelled, guests were left stranded at the airport without nourishment or even a way to get home.

Through documentaries like Netflix’s Fyre Festival: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, we are seeing first hand how aware the event’s organizers were of the poor and unsafe conditions on the island well before the attendees arrived. Their alleged negligence and fraud has lead to more than nine different lawsuits against the Fyre Festival organizers and promoters. This past July, Seth Crossno and Mark Thompson were these first to be awarded a settlement of $1.5 million each in compensatory damages, and $1 million in punitive damages for not only the tickets ($13,000) but for the mental anguish they suffered as well. With more class action lawsuits making their way through the justice system, this will not be last we hear of Fyre Festival.

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Before you buy your children’s Christmas gifts this year, it is important that you do your research.thandy-yung-489168-unsplash-200x300

According to World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H), one child is treated in U.S emergency rooms every three minutes for a toy-related injury. In 2017, thirteen of these cases resulted in death with the victims all being under the age of twelve.

To ensure you are keeping your children and family safe this Christmas, be sure to do the following:

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When Should I File My Personal Injury Claim - RBR LawMore than 30 million people a year go to emergency rooms for unintentional injuries, according to the CDC. In many cases, these injuries are due to the negligence of someone else. If you have never filed a claim before, you probably have a lot of questions. Luckily, trustworthy personal injury lawyers are there to help you.

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal Injury claims are lawsuits filed against either a person or an entity that has allegedly caused someone injury. These types of lawsuits are common in the United States, and cover a wide array of accidents. Some examples of personal injury lawsuits are: medical malpractice, accidents in the workplace, harm caused by defective products, and vehicle crashes.

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Nerve Damage After A Car Crash Personal Injury Lawyer
The human nervous system is incredibly sensitive, and sustaining head or neck injuries after an auto or truck accident is fairly common. Even a minor fender bender can leave you with Neuropathy, or nerve damage. After being injured in a car accident, no matter how severe, it is extremely important to contact a professional personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case. Insurance companies will try their hardest to save money on payouts, often at the victim’s expense. The road to recovery can be costly, especially with nerve damage — Combining the costs of medical bills on top of time away from work can severely hurt your bank account. It’s our job to ensure these companies pay what is owed in full.

Types of Neuropathy

The three most common types of nerve damage after a car accident are whiplash, lacerations, and blunt-force-trauma.

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