Having been in a car accident, quite a few individuals do not go and seek medical attention immediately after. This happens for many reasons.

Due to the shock of the car accident, adrenaline rushes through your body causing you to really not have a good sense as to what might be in pain. There are also individuals that do feel pain immediately, but just assume the pain will go away on its own eventually. They just do not see a need to actually go in and get checked out by a medical professional. Then there are people that find filing a personal injury claim to be intimidating and too much hassle.

However, when you have already been in an unfortunate situation, delaying any sort of medical attention you need will only diminish your potential personal injury case. Making your already unfortunate situation, even more of a misfortune.

Like we mentioned before, the adrenaline coursing through your veins causes you to disregard seeking medical attention. Epinephrine, adrenaline, they’re both the same thing. They both are hormones that trigger the human body to go into a shock that determines a “fight or flight” response from the individual. However, in the wake of a car accident, the adrenaline or epinephrine will cause you to feel totally fine, which is very misleading.

Once your adrenaline has subsided and your body has completely calmed down from the shock, your body will start to ache and feel all sorts of pain. They then begin to realize that they should have sought after medical attention, even for precautionary reasons.

Even after a few weeks you can start to feel more pain or notice something is not right. Your back will not have a quality feeling in the morning when you wake up and crawl out of bed, or your shoulder feels pinched. It happens all the time. You still need to seek medical attention immediately.

Having been in a wreck, you need to seek medical attention as soon as you possibly can. Even if you feel absolutely no pain whatsoever, it is better for you to go in and get checked out. X-rays can determine if there are any broken bones you did not feel initially, and even MRI scans can pick up inflammation that is forming. Getting the correct documentation from your doctor can help you greatly.

If you delay, the insurance company that is rightfully needing to pay you out is going to hold that against your right to claim the maximum compensation that you can get. They will proclaim your injury is bogus. Which we know it is definitely not a false claim. However, they will try and get your claim thrown out.

So, in all reality, how long should you wait to see a doctor following even a minor car accident?

In order to have a completely solid claim, you should see a medical professional within three days. However, sooner is always better than later when it comes to this. When it comes to your rightful claim, it’s preferred you receive medical treatment immediately after the accident. Not only is it more helpful to your claim, but to your overall health after the fact.

Anything can happen after your accident. You could have received a concussion, internal bleeding, or even a very bad bone fracture. Your body will trick you! It’s best to meet any issues head on immediately after you have gotten into a wreck.

Letting adrenaline control your feeling is only going to cause you issues later on down the road. Seek medical attention immediately. Try find your regular doctor, go to the emergency room, or even try make it to an urgent care clinic.

Have You Been Injured in a Car Wreck?

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