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Dangerous Drugs


While Johnson and Johnson enjoys an excellent reputation as one of America’s leading medical companies, it might surprise some people to discover that over 90% of Johnson and Johnson’s net income is derived from sales of pharmaceutical drugs and medical products and not “shampoo and baby powder” that has branded the company “squeaky clean”. And while you’ll rarely hear this coverage in the local media, Johnson and Johnson is coming under fire and losing lawsuits for the way they have marketed their billion-dollar antipsychotic drug Risperdal.

A Philadelphia jury recently awarded the family of a young autistic boy $2.5 million in damages stemming from the side effects of using Risperdal, claiming the drug causes him to grow 46DD breasts from age 12.

Because of fears that Risperdal causes hormonal disorders like this the FDA prohibited Johnson & Johnson from promoting the drug to treat children. The company was also prohibited from marketing it to treat the elderly because it was feared Risperdal causes strokes and diabetes as well as other ailments.

Johnson and Johnson attributes half of its sales of Risperdal to young children and the elderly. Risperdal had been and is continuing to be promoted by J & J salespersons as a treatment for most types of behavioral disorders in children, and dementia and restlessness in the elderly.

Court documents revealed that Johnson and Johnson had been illegally targeting doctors who specialized in treating young children and the elderly. Salespeople have largely ignored the FDA warnings and marketed the drug with free samples to doctors who obviously treated young children.

Johnson and Johnson has settled thousands of claims regarding the illegal promotion of Risperdal, Federal government cases, and criminal complaints spending upwards of $3 billion. Currently over 4000 cases against J & J and Risperdal are pending.

If you have a loved one who is currently taking the drug Risperdal and are experiencing adverse side effects, you may have a case against the drug’s maker Johnson and Johnson, your doctor or others involved. Please give our law firm a call.

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