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Dangerous Drugs, In The News

guy-pain-300x200Lately testosterone replacement treatments have been under fire for their deadly side effects. As a result, law makers are consolidating testosterone cases under the umbrella of what is known as a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) as innumerable injured men searching for attorneys to help them pursue cases against the manufacturers of these products. The MDL vehicle will consolidate cases surrounding the harmful effects of testosterone replacement drugs. So what exactly does it mean to be a part of a MDL? Does it mean the same thing as being a part of a Class Action?

Being a part of an MDLis different than being a part of a Class Action, despite some shared characteristics. An MDL is a ‘Mass Action’ whereby Plaintiffs share some of the necessary expenses in lawsuits filed against manufacturers of a certain products that have caused a large group of claimants to suffer injuries. For the purpose of judicial economy, the cases are grouped together for discovery and pretrial purposes and are consolidated in a certain federal court. In a Class Action Lawsuit, cases are filed on behalf of a group of people and all members of the class who meet certain qualifications will share in the pre-trial costs and in the ultimate settlement. Whereas, in a MDL, once the pretrial work is complete, a person will be evaluated as an individual, and settlement values will differ depending on the circumstances of each individual person and case.

Why is there a Testosterone MDL Forming?

Testosterone therapy has become a common treatment for men experiencing a certain condition that develops as men age. This condition, called hypogonadism or low testosterone, is defined as a general drop in testosterone levels, which often causes men to feel fatigued, depressed, or have a decreased sex drive. In an effort to reverse low testosterone, or Low T as it has been coined, men in the last decade have turned to testosterone replacement therapy. Despite the promise of bringing men back into their prime, many testosterone replacement products are now under fire because of the harmful side effects coming to light including an increased risk of stroke and life threatening cardiac events. Based on the large number of injuries, and therefore cases stemming from testosterone use, a panel of federal judges has ordered all testosterone product lawsuits to be filed nationwide in a centralized MDL.

If you have suffered a stroke, a heart attack, or a blood clot while using testosterone or have a family member that passed away while using testosterone, please contact one of our dangerous drug / defective medical device attorneys who can answer any questions about your possible case and will help find the best course of action for you.

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