Most people don’t rush to call an attorney and start a legal claim after a car wreck, so it can be difficult to know whether they should just let the insurance company deal with it or call a lawyer. Below is some criteria designed to help you make a more informed decision.

➤ Were your injuries caused by the actions of someone else?

➤ Were your injuries severe enough that you needed to seek treatment or go to the hospital?

➤ Has it been less than two years since your injury?

➤ Do you have large medical bills which resulted from your injuries?

➤ Will you likely have future medical bills resulting from your injuries?

➤ Have you missed any work because of your injuries?

➤ Is your injury permanent?

Answer YES to more than two?
You probably have a case and should call us at 877-977-2286

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First and foremost, are you (or were you) injured? Were you injured enough to seek medical treatment, or have your injuries worsened since your accident?

The next question is, were you at fault? Did you cause the accident? If it’s 100 percent yes, then you may not have a case.

Lastly, does the negligent party have insurance coverage? If your case ultimately becomes a negotiated claim or lawsuit, the defendant’s insurance company will represent the other party. If there’s no insurance coverage, then who will pay your claim? Typically, someone who illegally drives without insurance will not have the money to pay for your damages and medical bills. In this instance – you have a case, but it isn’t worth pursuing.

Since we never charge a fee or require a contract for an initial consultation, you can always call us at 214-526-7900 for a free and confidential case review. We’ll be up-front and honest, and will never make promises we cannot keep – even if it means advising that you make one final phone call to the insurance company before retaining our law firm to pursue your case.