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Staying safe on halloween has always been a highly searched question across Google. With thousands of different blog sites and news reports discussing a vast range of different tips for safety in 2020, what exactly can you do to help your kids stay safe, but still have fun while experiencing the Halloween holiday?

For the first time since 2015, Halloween falls on a Saturday. This thrilling fact would allow kids to stay up late trick-or-treating. The excitement began to build early this year in hopes to spend a little more time with the ghouls and goblins of their neighborhoods. Eating their entire sugar-loaded haul with their friends before calling it a night would be a dream come true!

Old tips of “search your kids’ candy for razor blades, drugs, and poison” are a thing of the past. You still need to worry about potentially being hit by a car, but it’s a lot less of a worry than it once was. We have a whole new nightmare to worry about on Halloween. COVID-19 has made the world seem far more terrifying than any Halloween spook. With the constant social distancing and wearing the proper mask, the CDC still believes trick-or-treating is a high-risk activity. Is it worth it to take your kids out and about to enjoy the holiday?

Letting our guard down during holidays is not something that will benefit anyone in our constant efforts to rid the United States of the coronavirus. Especially considering there is a predicted third wave coming fairly soon. While nobody can consider Halloween as a 100% risk just as nobody can consider mask-wearing and social distancing at an absolute 0%, there is always a risk in the decisions we make, especially now.

Case by Case, Neighborhood by Neighborhood

https://www.reyeslaw.com/personal-injury-attorneys/Many people think it could be wise to take risks based on a case by case, neighborhood by neighborhood basis. The personal safety some neighborhoods feel they have may actually be a false one. Some neighborhoods can come up with clever ways to practice social distancing while still being able to hand out candy.

Scouring the internet never ceases to amaze most people when seeing some of their neighbors are using ziplines attached to fishing line. This allows them to hand out candy to children and adult beverages to their parents. Safely practicing social distancing in this fashion will help lower the risk meter greatly compared to going directly to each door in your neighborhood.

Eating Candy From Others: High or Low Risk?

People have every right to worry about what can and cannot possibly transmit COVID-19. However, the average risk of transmission from surfaces is much lower than from airborne transmission. The risk certainly is not at 0%, but walking up to the door to get the candy from your neighbors poses a greater risk than actually eating the candy and touching the wrapper’s surface.

When it comes to children, it’s very easy to transmit the coronavirus. As every parent knows, it’s impossible to keep their child from wiping their nose on a cold day. If your family decides to go trick-or-treating, it would be best to socially distance and wipe down the candy after you arrive at home with sanitization wipes. Help keep your family safe by being extra diligent during this frightening time.

Alternate to Plan B

With advancements of technology, it allows the world to still be connected on the holiday. Carving pumpkins in your own home could be much more fun with modern video technology. If you zoom with the rest of the neighborhood, you can show off the best pumpkins while staying safe. Instead of trick-or-treating, a zoom meeting while eating candy and watching a movie while dressed up in your own home is another safe idea. It will be especially fun with your child’s friends on the zoom call! This could be a safe way to have safe candy, socially distance, and cut down on the risk of transmitting COVID-19 from one family to another this Halloween season. From our Reyes Browne Reilley family to yours, we hope you stay safe and have a wonderful Halloween!

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