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how-immigration-law-changes-impact-native-born-workersDebates over how native workforce is affected by employing undocumented workers is once again a hot subject filled with questions, shedding some light on the impact of immigrant workers in some sectors.

If Congress were to legalize low skilled immigrant labor , how would this affect native workers?

Would they receive lower salaries? Should the less skilled workers occupy empty jobs and in that way assist those with more qualifications? Which of the two would come out benefitted?

All these questions have created opposing sides between journalists, economists, researchers and critics. All express concern about the possible outcome ,but are in agreement over how changes in the Immigration laws could affect native workers.

Sara Murray in her article in “The Wall Street Journal”, analyses the case that occurred in 2006 in Greenley, Colorado when the federal agents raided meatpacking facilities.

In that same year Angel Reyes, Managing Partner of Reyes, Browne & Reilley, presented a federal class action against Swift & Co. meatpacking facility and, as this situation continues still believes that the angle is to focus on the NEED for comprehensive Immigration reform.

This is the case in many meatpacking facilities, where hundreds of illegal workers had been discovered at the plant and were detained and eventually deported, resulting in serious problems for the company, the local population and definitely for those workers.

The evaluation and putting into effect of these reforms should be comprehensive, forceful and clear, creating equality of opportunity and eliminating prejudice.

Do we need a larger workforce? Should immigrants be legalized or not?

That is the question… We are all affected.

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