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Henry Ruggs III is facing a driving under the influence charge after a collision that left his passenger injured, and the other motorist dead. The Las Vegas raiders let go of their now-former receiver just hours before his initial court appearance, and taken to a Las Vegas jail. Authorities report Ruggs decelerating from 156 mph to 127 mph when he collided into the rear of a Toyota Rav4 on a busy, residential street a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip at 3:40 a.m. on Tuesday, November 2. The Chevrolet Corvette’s fuel tank ruptured, igniting a fireball that left Tina O. Tintor and her dog dead at the scene.

Conviction on a Charge of DUI in Nevada

Ruggs faces charges of driving under the influence of alcohol resulting in death and reckless driving. Probation is not an option for a conviction of this gravity, which could result in a possible sentence of two to twenty years in Nevada state prison.

Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Joe M. Bonaventure commented that in 16 years on the bench, he had never heard of a crash involving a vehicle traveling so fast. Bonaventure set Ruggs’s bail amount at $150,000, which Ruggs posted shortly after.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson intends to file a second felony DUI charge against Ruggs related to the injuries to his passenger, Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington. What’s more, Wolfson may also file a weapon suit against Ruggs for possessing a gun while under the influence of alcohol. Kilgo-Washington and Ruggs have a 3-year-old daughter together.

Ruggs’s blood alcohol level sat at 0.161 percent within two hours after the crash. Authorities also report Ruggs was uncooperative with police and medical personnel.

Since 2013, the NFL Players Association has contracted with rideshare services to provide free transportation to members, specifically to prevent tragedies like this from occurring.

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