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April showers bring May flowers, but springtime storms in Texas pose a very real threat. Meteorologists have predicted severe weather for the DFW this evening, which could include baseball-size hail.

Tonight’s forecast also expects damaging winds, with gusts that could reach 70 mph. The chance of tornados is also possible. Read these tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe during these dangerous storms.

Hailstorm Safety Tips

  • If it starts hailing while you’re driving, stay inside your vehicle. Hail falls at high speeds, and can cause injury if you are directly exposed.
  • As soon as possible, pull off the road to park in a safe covered area to wait for the storm to pass. The speed of a moving vehicle compounds the speed of falling hail, increasing the threat of causing damage. Hail can still injure you inside your car if it breaks the windshield or shatters other windows.
  • If you are unable to exit the freeway, pull over to the shoulder under an overpass. Make sure your hazard lights are on. Stay away from ditches to avoid possible rising water or flooding.
  • Once parked, if your vehicle is still partially exposed, angle your car so that the hail is striking the front of your car. Windshield glass is reinforced to withstand objects you may come in contact with while driving, which makes it a stronger option than your thinner back windows.
  • If possible, lie down and shield your face from your windows. Cover yourself with whatever is available in the cabin of your car for additional protection from hail and debris.

If worse comes to worse, make sure you’re covered! Not all insurance policies will give you the coverage you need for hail damage, so ask your agent for comprehensive coverage policies so that you’re not paying for any weather repair out of pocket.

How is Hail Created?

Hail is created when strong upward dry winds push moisture high into the atmosphere, rapidly freezing the water droplets. Once the weight of the ice becomes too heavy for the draft to carry, the ice falls to the ground in the form of hail.

Keep your eye on local weather reports, as the forecast is subject to change. Not all of Dallas Fort Worth will receive hail, but all types of severe weather are a possibility this evening.

As all native Texans know, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.”

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