Bicyclists At Higher Risks For Injuries Due to COVID-19 Pandemic -

Author: Angel Reyes  

Personal Injury

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, more inexperienced cyclists are taking to the streets in order to exercise, just get out of the house, or even for their new way of commuting to save a little money during these tough times. Whatever the reason for the rising influx of bicycle accidents, there is very much so a cause for concern. In America, large cities have been trying to find new ways to keep bicycle riders safe. However, these efforts have proven to be frivolous in some cities, even in Dallas, Texas.

Using a bicycle for transportation is more popular in foreign countries in Asia or Europe, especially in big cities. However, when United States citizens begin to take up the practice, we are quickly realizing how our roads and our culture are not built properly to handle the cycling traffic. These dangers don’t just exist within the roads, they also exist within the poorly planned bike lanes as well.

Culture Shock

With multiple generations of cycling tendencies in Asian and European countries, those nations have instilled respect and constant thought about being aware of cyclists in the brains of people who drive motor vehicles.

In America, we don’t have the type of awareness as the majority of our national population’s cycling adventures stopped after we obtained our driver’s license and had a car to drive. This causes us to treat cyclists as an afterthought when we turn onto another street, not realizing there are bike lanes we just drove over to get where we are going.

Accidents can happen very quickly when a driver of a car stops paying attention to bike lanes. Especially when bike lanes begin to clog up with new inexperienced cyclists who are not familiar with the sheer lack of visibility normal motorists have towards bicyclists. America is seeing a rise in individuals suffering from injuries because of negligent drivers who refuse to look for cyclists in bicycle lanes.

Struggles With Poor Planning

Often times these bicycle lanes are not under the protection of a median between the bike lane and the road and are nothing more than a repainted parking lane. Most motor vehicle accidents happen with two cars and not a car and a bicycle. This causes drivers to look out only for other cars and not other two-wheel operated modes of transportation. Motorcyclists also know this fact all too well. The danger and risk are far higher for those on two wheels. They look out for themselves especially after a few too many close calls with automobiles. However, it can certainly be stated that they should not have to do this as much as they have to, especially because of the number of newcomers to the cycling community, and how dangerous this trend can become.

Drivers often complain about an individual riding their bicycle in the lanes they’re driving in. However, this is actually the safest place they realistically can be sometimes. It’s quite unfortunate it has to be that way, but in the end, safety is all that matters.

So far, there really is no foolproof way to lower the number of accidents with bicyclists. Bike lanes were thought of to be a really good idea at one point but have eventually only turned out to be another hazard in themselves. The biggest change needing to happen would be the awareness of cyclists’ presence by drivers. Until then, stay safe, and if any car were to hit you while riding your bike, remember; you always have options.

Injuries? You Have Options

Your best option is always by taking up legal representation with our attorneys at Reyes Browne Reilley for your injuries you have been suffering from as a result of a run-in with a negligent driver. A driver who is not paying attention to your whereabouts is certainly going to leave you with injuries and medical bills. You need the best help you can get when it comes to legal representation against their liability insurance policy carrier. Their negligent actions do not mean you have to go on suffering without proper financial compensation.

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