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Author: Angel Reyes  

Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

You will see it in just about every major city which allows them. Buzzing around the downtown area, hundreds of scooters are located in Dallas alone. They are fun to ride, cheaper than a cab, and far quicker to get to a different downtown destination. However, they’re becoming more and more prone to injuries and even death among riders all across the country.

Renting E-scooters is a cinch. Scan the QR code, then jump on the scooter and begin tearing down the sidewalks or bike lanes at high speeds – weaving in and out of pedestrians or vehicles. However, this can lead to some very dangerous results. The rider has full control of the scooter and it has been shown in recent statistics riders are becoming less safe using these app-enabled rental scooters.

In 2017, there were six incidents of injuries per 100,000 rides. That number jumped 222% higher to 19 in 2018. As reported by JAMA, this trend directly correlates with the ubiquity of these types of scooters in urban settings. More riders are being introduced to these potentially dangerous modes of transportation each day without any sense of how to ride them properly.

Stay safe on the roads and sidewalks. Whether you’re driving a car or riding an E-scooter there is always the potential for someone to get injured or even killed. Any form of transportation can be dangerous if used negligently or recklessly whether it be a hazard to yourself or an innocent bystander.

With a community that moves as quickly as ours does in Texas, it makes sense why more people would use these rental scooters. Utilizing these services has a lot of benefits, but we feel it’s important to mention safety still is of the utmost importance. Learning to ride these scooters safely and effectively can lower the rates of people who become injured after riding these electric scooters every year. Also, please wear a helmet!

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