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Does the immigration status of someone injured in a car accident prohibit the person from filing a lawsuit to recover for damages?


The United States Constitution guarantees all “persons” due process, regardless of immigration status. That means that both documented and undocumented immigrants may file lawsuits after they are injured in car accidents. While the Texas Supreme Court has not directly ruled on this issue, it is bound by the federal Constitution.

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Texting-while-drivingA Washington state measure to ban holding a phone while driving passed in the House a day after a similar measure passed in the Senate.

House Bill 1371 received a 52-45 vote in the Democratic-controlled House Tuesday.

Democratic Rep. Jessyn Farrell, the sponsor of the bill, said the measure is about safety and updating the current law “so that police officers can enforce this.”

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Have you ever thought about the possibility that daylight saving time might actually be dangerous? When the clocks spring forward and fall back each year, although only by an hour, research suggests it may take days to adjust to the time difference.

And during that adjustment period, there is a spike in car crashes, especially after we spring forward and lose an hour of sleep, as of recent. Some police departments say there’s about a 10 percent increase in crashes just after the time change and there’s even evidence that figure might be much higher.

Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder studied the daylight saving time period (from March to November) for 10 years and discovered there was a 17 percent increase in traffic incident-related deaths the Monday after the springtime change. Traffic fatalities all that week were also higher than average. Some of the effects can be attributed to lower visibility (the fact that it’s earlier, and therefore darker, than drivers are accustomed to), but most of the accidents, experts say, are because people are struggling to stay awake behind the wheel.

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march-12-2017-cleburne-wreck-2CLEBURNE – An East Texas woman died and a passenger in her vehicle was critically injured early Sunday when their van collided with an 18-wheeler early Sunday, police said.

The wreck occurred shortly after 1:30 a.m. on Farm Road 1434 at U.S. 67.

The victim was identified as Honey Reavis, 30, of Nacogdoches. She was pronounced dead at 1:47 a.m, according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s website.

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BENBROOK – Two people were killed after a semi-truck collided with a pickup in Benbrook that shut down Interstate 20 in both directions Friday afternoon.

The accident happened around 2:30 p.m. Friday in the 7600 block of SW Loop 820 along I-20. Police say both of the vehicles were going westbound when they crashed near the 429A exit.

Two people were pronounced dead at the scene. A third person was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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A freight train slammed into a charter bus full of people on their way to a casino on Tuesday afternoon in Biloxi, Miss., killing at least four people onboard and injuring many more, the authorities said.

The charter bus, which was near its destination in Biloxi on a trip from Austin, Tex., appeared to have gotten stuck on the railroad tracks at a crossing and could not move before the train hit it, the Biloxi Police Department said. About 50 people, including many members of a senior center in Texas, were on the bus when the crash occurred, around 2:12 p.m., and every passenger appeared to have some injuries, said the police chief, John Miller.

This tragic event reminds us at Reyes Browne Reilley of the Cardinal Coach Line / Choctaw Casino fatal bus crash back in 2013. The Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm attorney Spencer Browne represented the family of Paula Hahn in a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from the casino charter bus wreck on the George Bush Turnpike, which a Dallas County jury later ordered Choctaw Nation to pay Ms. Hahn’s family $6M.

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Whiplash injuries are some of the most common injuries suffered after a car accident, and also one of the most ignored.

The vehicle wrecks to cause these types of injuries are not grisly. Seventy-five percent of rear-end accidents happen at speeds less than 10 mph, but still fast enough to produce injuries.

We’re all aware of the term whiplash, but what exactly does it mean? And if it happens to you, how should you handle a personal injury claim?

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GettyImages_50674351_helixBefore a televised audience, President Donald Trump told assembled pharmaceutical executives that drug prices needed to come down. Sounds good so far, right?

But in the next breath, he offered the public’s well-being as a trade-off. He said he plans to streamline the regulations that pharmaceutical companies complain leave them hamstrung. You know, those pesky regulations imposed by the FDA that cause delays in getting drugs to the marketplace?

According to Trump, there are some drug companies that “employ more people to deal with those regulations than they have doing actual work for the company.” As the Huffington post put it, “I only have two words to say: Remember thalidomide?”

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urlThe scam may be as old as the automobile itself: A fraudster throws himself in front of a vehicle and demands that the driver pay for his self-inflicted (or nonexistent) injuries. But in an age of ever-present cameras, it’s getting a lot harder to pull off.

There are scores of videos online that capture these scams, known in China as “pengci,” or “porcelain bumping.” This video here shows a woman in Yongzhou, in the central province of Hunan, taking the scam to brash extremes. After getting money from the driver of a car she had lain in front of, she boasts to bystanders and even does a little jig in front of the car.

Here’s an excerpt from the exchange between the woman and the driver:

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If the term “salvage title” stops you in your tracks, you’re not off base.

Salvage title cars attract some buyers because they’re priced significantly below market. They might seem like a bargain, but ultimately they have a lot of risks.

Salvage title cars might represent opportunities for a select group of buyers, but even then, the cars should be viewed with caution — and most buyers should avoid them altogether. Here’s everything you need to know:

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